10 ways to make December 2020 your best Christmas ever

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Christmas day is barely 13 days away. This season of the year has a way of intensifying the pressure and anxiety that most Singles have about marriage. So I decided to share with us 10 steps that’ll help you make this Christmas and the rest of the year really memorable and possibly, your best Christmas ever. I created these 10 steps in December 2018 – when I was still very single and in no relationship. Since then, everyone who has implemented them, myself inclusive, have got an impressive outcome. I have  revised and updated them for an even better outcome.

Are you ready to make December 2020 your best Christmas ever??? Let’s get started already!


What you don’t celebrate, will hardly profit you. You probably had great marriage plans for 2020 but the love of your life jilted you.

Or perhaps, the one you’ve been dreaming of to pop the question, is still hesitant.

Or maybe, the one you asked out, rejected your proposal.

Whichever it is, including those not mentioned here, believe me, if you search deeply enough, you’d find a reason to be grateful for and celebrate your being single at this time.

Learn to live life FULLY, one day at a time. Most importantly, celebrate everyday of your Singlehood. You will get married someday soon. This may even be your last Christmas as a Single. So maximize every second of this phase. One of my Pastors often says, “If you get it right, you’d spend more years being married than being Single.” It won’t be pleasant to get married tomorrow and begin to wish for one more day of Singlehood. So, find a reason or more to celebrate Singlehood in this season, regardless of what anyone thinks or says.


In line with celebrating the birth of Christ, Christmas is a season of giving and receiving gifts. As a child and up to my early 20’s, I rarely got gifts. In fact, it got to a point where I felt that every person around me received gifts except me. Until I learned the secret to not lacking anything, including gifts: GIVING.

Givers never lack. And blessed is the one that gives than the one that receives. So this season, give one or more persons a gift. It doesn’t have to be something expensive; but it MUST be something valuable given sincerely with love.

Some things you can gift include: cash, airtime, foodstuff, books, fairly worn clothes or a fairly used device which is still functional, etc. You can also help someone to do their laundry or to tidy their house… Just deliberately go out of your way to make someone smile this season by giving them a gift of your time, money or energy.


Music is pleasing to the ears and healing to the soul. It’s a universal language and there’s a right song for every situation.

Most times when I can’t pray due to heaviness of heart, I just play some songs to express my heart to God. On days when I’m down, I play some tunes to bring back my grove. And on days when I’m in high spirits, I play some songs to express my excitement.

Again, there’s a right kind of song for every situation. The wrong kind of song for a situation can put you in a wrong mood and even get you depressed.

To enjoy this Christmas and the rest of the year, you need to have a playlist that warms your heart and keeps your mind in the right state at all times.


You love yourself, I believe. However, I’ll like to test how much you really love yourself.

Do you compliment yourself? Do you encourage yourself? Do you affirm yourself? Do you say sweet and kind words to yourself? Or is it judgement and self-condemnation all the time? Those things that the opposite gender says to you that makes you swoon, do you say them to yourself?

If you can’t love yourself, tell me, why should I or someone else love you?

This particular step is very important and simple, too:  in 100 words, write a short love letter to yourself.

YES! Write YOU (insert your name) a 100-word love letter.

I’ll pause here for now so you can get started on these four steps. We’ll continue next week.

PS: Those who get results are those who take action. If you desire to make December 2020 your best Christmas ever, then you need to diligently take action on each of these steps and the ones I’ll share with you in the coming weeks.

PPS: I sincerely apologise for going AWOL. I was delivered of a beautiful baby boy three weeks ago (18 November), so I needed some time off to adjust to this new season. I’m super glad to be back now. And I wish you a very beautiful Christmas in advance.

Chinyere Anoke

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