Border closure: Task force counts gains

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The Joint Border Operation Drill, Sector 3, says it has recorded gains by improving security and economy of the country in less than two months of inauguration.

The Ag. Coordinator of the Joint Border Operation Drill, Sector 3, Compt. Garba Mohammed, disclosed this on Sunday in Ilorin.

Sector three of the task force covers Benue, Kogi, Kwara and Niger States of North Central Nigeria. Mohammed said that both security and economy sectors of the country are witnessing turn around since the drill was set up on Jan. 16, 2020.

The border drill is a task force set up by the Federal Government following the dangerous trend the security in the country was tilting towards.

It is the highest task force set up by the office of the National Adviser, comprising all the security agencies in Nigeria to secure the land and maritime borders against smuggling, cattle rustling, child trafficking, proliferation of small and light weapons, and illegal migration.

The border drill was also to ensure that neighbouring countries respect the agreement and protocol entered into between Nigeria and the rest of the countries.

“The security situation before was taking a dangerous proportion in terms of banditry, terrorism and cattle rustling.

“There were situations where bandits run down a whole community, but with the setting up of the border drills, these atrocities have been reduced.

“If you look at the rate of kidnapping before the setting up of the border drill, it was worrisome, but now, smuggling, child trafficking and illegal migration have all reduced.

“Talking about smuggling in particular, it is statistically proven and on record that 10 million litres of petrol are been saved daily.

“For instance, in the North Central Zone that this sector covers, within the short period of the border drill, over 6,000 litres of diesel have also been intercepted by this sector.

“160 illegal migrants have been intercepted and handed over to the appropriate authority, while vehicles and illicit weapons were also intercepted,” Mohammed said.

He added that intensive patrol checks were been carried out by over 800 operatives personnel deployed to the North Central Zone.

“Daily, intensive patrol checks were been carried out which gives us the records obtained so far.

“In this same zone, over 800 personnel have been deployed in various locations with over 50 vehicles.

“And the Kwara state Commissioner of Police, CP Kayode Egbetokun, recently confirmed to us that the border drill have reduced criminality along border communities,” Mohammed said.

The acting coordinator added that the operation is also helping in keeping records to ensure proper planning by the government.

As regards the economy, the country needs statistics and accurate data to effect proper planning.

“The border closure is now giving government data of what was going out, before there was no record of such.

“For instance, if the government wants to build hospital, they need to know the number of people in and around the community to know the capacity of the hospital to build.

“So, with the border drill, Immigration Service have records of all the foreigners in Nigeria because they are now registered,” Mohammed said.

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