Editorial: Self-determination of Yoruba nation

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Southeast Nigeria is not the only zone in the country that is agitating for secession. The drum of secession has become louder also in the southwest. This agitation became consistence with unrelenting security situation although not peculiar to the region but has ethnic undertone. The supposed reluctance of the Federal Government to stem the tide also contributed to the agitation.

In March, some Yoruba groups on the platform of Assembly of all Yoruba Groups Worldwide, set June 12 as the day of referendum for Yorubas to take decision. At the meeting themed “The Paramountcy of Yoruba Unity in Tackling The Insecurity Menace in Yorubaland,” the Assembly resolved that the issue of Yoruba self-determination is non-negotiable.

The Assembly charged Yorubas, especially the elites, to return to protect their land in the face of various threats to security in Yoruba land. Every House of Assembly in the SouthWest was also tasked to pass a resolution on the state of insecurity in Yorubaland. Furthermore, the Assembly called on members representing Yoruba constituencies in the Senate and House of Representatives to move a motion on insecurity in Yorubaland before June 25.

The call for a yoruba nation was first championed by Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho. He said that the only solution is for the Yoruba nation to stand on its own. He has been calling on Yorubas to support the cause and make it a reality.

IMPACT NEWS is not unaware of the issues surrounding the call for this secession but we advise that such call and notion should be made with caution and proper enlightenment of the populace on the matter. Such calls should be fostered on ideology and patriotism. From experience, agitations like this that defied coordination are hijacked by armed militia and hoodlums with no reasoning beyond destruction. Such groups distort sincere cause.

The clitche that the Unity of Nigeria is non-negotiable is a fallacy. The Federal Government must rather than shutdown the secessionist agitation, should do the needful. The needful is entrenching true federalism and restructuring the country. True federalism must entail both economic structure and political cum-governance structure. This would lower the call for secession in any part of the country.

On the other hand, the call for secessionist agitation in the southwest should be focused on developing the region. Disintegration of the country is not the panacea to the issues bedeviling the country. Grand corruption, poor healthcare, insecurity and unemployment are the basis for the agitation. The government both at the federal and state should be sincere enough to proffer solution to these menace.

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