Explore and export your talents to the world via social media, Obaribirin tells Nigerian youth

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Praise Obaribirin is a voice over artist, author and podcaster. She has a big goals of raising 10,000 voice over talents across Africa. In this exclusive interview session with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, she shares her motivating factor, her challenges and how she overcame them. She encourages young people to read good books. Excerpt:

Briefly tell us about yourself

My name is Praise Obaribirin. I am a voiceover talent and author. I currently have seven (7) publications to my name. Among which is the bestselling YOUR VOICE WILL SELL. I am the founder of ‘Your voice will sell academy’ where we raise voice over talents ready to penetrate Africa and the globe at large. I also head ‘Aspiring Writers of African descent’ an academy for   aspiring authors and professionals who want to become visible with their expertise via writing.

What’s your definition of purpose? From your definition, do you think you’re fulfilling purpose?

Purpose is the fire burning on your inside to succeed that chases you and walks with you like your shadow you can’t run away from it, you birth and replicate it in others. One day at a time I see myself fulfilling my purpose.

What motivates you to do all you do?

Youth development. I grew up seeing my age mates and those older waste away chasing shadows in the north where I was raised. I want to be responsible for saving some even if I can’t save all. The government can’t save all youths but those of us privileged to find guidance should extend it. I am motivated to live a day more knowing my presence on earth is saving someone out there.

What are the challenges you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome them?

Just like every other young adult out there. I see reasons to give up on Nigeria or my career path but whenever I look at the big picture I keep moving.

How can one move from shadow to spotlight?

The spotlight can be a set up for doom if not properly prepared for. I would say, take one day at a time to prepare and build capacity for the future you seek and the spotlight would shine on you without you asking or thinking about it. It’s the reward for those who stay faithful to what God has gifted them on their inside, it always finds its way to the deserving.

How can young people remain relevant in this time?

We are in the age of enlightenment so get quantum reserve of it through learning and mentoring. Your skill and talent is the best bet at remaining relevant, explore and export it to the world via social media. The world is your stage!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years I plan to have raised 10,000 youths with skill sets of writing and voice acting and they in turn replicating what they would have learnt from my both academy. I hope to be a voice in youth development in Nigeria, African and the globe at large.

What skills would you advice young people to learn?

Every skill is important but I would advise learning a skill in alignment with their natural talent, nothing beats doing what you love and have capacity for.

Kindly leave an advice for our readers.

Reading is key for growth.

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