Growing skill remains the key for relevance, says Sharon Ubani

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Sharon Ubani is a student and also the creative director of Bojhet a fashion brand. In this exclusive interview with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, she shares her challenges and how she has overcome them. She talks about the keys to remaining relevant, what the future holds for her and her brand as well as her take on what skills young people should get engaged.  Excerpt;

Briefly tell us about yourself

My name is Sharon Chidinma Ubani.

Born and brought up in Lagos, currently in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state.

I am the creative director at Bojhet (a fashion brand) and also a final year student of chemical engineering.

What’s your definition of purpose? From your definition, do you think you’re fulfilling purpose?

For me purpose is a set of goals, reasons and directions to which you channel effort, resources, energy and time.

And yes. I am fulfilling my purpose one day at a time.

What motivates you to do all you do?

My strongest motivation is to become successful.

What are the challenges you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome them?

Challenges: well, depending on the context, personal or business.

There would always be a challenge. Past, present future and most times from quarters you least expect; finance or people.

I think the best way I’ve been able to face them is coming to terms that there would always be challenges and on the side still don’t let them overpower and distract me from my purpose/goals.

How can one move from shadow to spotlight?

Shadow to spotlight movement? The key is to remain consistent, consistent but not stagnant.

How can young people remain relevant in this time?

Grow, sharpen whatever skill you have, aim higher, show up everyday and show up better than you were the previous time. Very soon you would become a force and a voice that cannot be ignored. Key to remaining relevant is simply growth. Be open to change, and be very flexible.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years’ time, I see myself far far from where I am now, personally and as a brand. As a brand, we would expand, in terms of our work force, capacity and quality. I see a very huge garment construction facility, churning out bespoke designs in numbers daily.

What skills would you advice young people to learn?

I would not want to point out any skill in particular because I believe you can make something from anything. So young people should discover where their abilities and strength lie, pick a skill that aligns with it. Learn, unlearn and relearn. It is in this that growth comes.

Kindly leave an advice for our readers

My greatest advice would be. Never settle for less. There is more.

Sharon Ubani

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