My desire to reach my highest potential is my major motivation – Christabel Okafor

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Christabel Okafor is a 400 Level student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.  Young creative, whose specialization is in content creation, modelling, acting in fact entertainment in general. She shares with our correspondent, MERCY, EZEOKONKWO, on her background, academic pursuit, skills and also advises youths on skills they must have in this 21st century. Excerpts:

May our readers know you?

My name is Okafor Christabel Chidiebere, from Ozuitem in Bende LGA of Abia state, Nigeria. I was born and bred in Enugu state where I also had my primary and secondary school education. I’m currently studying Theatre and film studies in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra state.

What are you skilled at?

I write, I create contents, I’m into fashion and facial modeling, I’m a film script writer and an indigenous dancer. I basically create contents for the screen because my life revolves around entertainment, that’s where my passion lies. I’m a media enthusiast.

What was growing up for you like?

Growing up for me was like a smooth and rough ride, sometimes I had it all figured out and the other times, I struggled with a lot of things, mostly emotional challenges. Growing up, I had a lot of dreams and aspirations. I wanted to be anything and everything, every kid on our television screen was my inspiration. By all means, I wanted to be like them, I wanted to act, to sing and to dance on the screen so that people can watch me too. I was also a very passionate writer.

I came from a very religious home that strictly chose my friends for me and most times, I do not want to be friends with those people so I became an introvert and I had a lot to tell, a lot of stories to share with friends but then, I had no tight relationship with people, I began pouring my thoughts on paper. It got to a point where a family friend picked interest in my works and offered to guide me through the path of becoming a published Author but finance was the major hindrance, I couldn’t get my works published because my late grandma couldn’t afford the bill. I lived all my childhood in high hopes.

As a teenager, I had two friends and we shared same dream, the Iwueze family popularly known as Destined kids were our role models, we began to compose songs with the hope that we would produce it too. When we couldn’t after all trials and errors, we gave up on that dream.

What is your motivation behind all you do?

My major motivation is the desire to be successful and build a much better life for my younger ones. I believe that the fact I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I can still get one for myself and my family. The desire to reach my highest potential is my major motivation. Another thing that motivates me is my passion for the things I do and it makes work fun for me.

How are you able to combine all you do with your academics?

Being able to combine all I do with my Academics is really not an easy thing but most times, I don’t feel it because it’s already a part of me and I do it effortlessly. It doesn’t take a lot from me, I see it as fun.

What skills would you encourage youths to learn?

There are a lot of skills youths can learn, digital marketing would always stand out for me because the world is going digital, I mean the world is already digital. Truth is, I don’t believe in telling someone what to learn or what not to learn, it should be a personal decision and exactly what that person wants too. You put your money where your heart is, you don’t do things because people are doing it. There’s no big or small skill, all of them solve human needs and wants and therefore, they are all good. Youths can learn any skill of their choice and note that to excel in it, consistency, creativity, and hardwork makes the difference.

How are you able to pull through with challenges that come with your field?

Pulling through with challenges that come with my field is not an easy thing. I once sold a movie script to a producer, there was an agreement that I would be given a role and credit as the story writer but it was jeopardized and I had no other option than to pick the lessons from the experience and move on. I believe in better days and what ever will be will be, no man can stop it if I’m meant to be in that position. It’s just a matter of time, time tells.

In five years where do you see yourself?

In five years, I see myself as an award winning movie produce, a brand ambassador to notable Brands in Nigeria and diaspora. As well as owner of a sophisticated saloon and fashion design house.

What advice do you have for youths out there?

My advice for youths is to be themselves, the real version of themselves. A journey to actualization of dreams and goals require consistency and self believe. If you don’t believe in yourself first, nobody will believe in you. Do not for any reason let anybody pressure you, walk at your own pace and at the end of it all, you’d be glad you did.

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