Pro-democracy group requests referendum in Nigeria

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A pro-democracy group, the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) has said there is need for new laws in Nigeria and therefore called on the United Nations to help fast track the process.

The group described Nigeria’s constitution as forged and entrapping to some ethnic groups.

NADECO made this known in a message to commemorate Nigeria’s independence anniversary. The message was signed by the General Secretary and Spokesperson, Ayo Opadokun.

The group said the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration prefers to trivialise the genuine demands of some ethnic groups, which it said are entrapped, humiliated and oppressed.

Since the military takeover in 1966, it said, “politicians in military uniform” had halted the national progress, and development,” the group said.

“They have equally dashed the hopes and aspiration of most Nigerians at independence that the country would be a beacon of light that would provide credible leadership to the black race and contribute significantly to human progress and civilization…It is needless but necessary to restate that the centralisation and unitarisation of Nigeria had since created injustice, unfair play, inequity, wanton disregard and disrespect for the rule of law.

“The Nigerian State has failed to provide security for lives and property a fundamental right which is its primary responsibility under the UNO Protocols, African Charter on Peoples Rights, and its domestic legislation.”

The group further lamented the activities of herdsmen, Boko haram and bandits across the country whom they said have killed, maimed and kidnapped for ransom several thousands of Nigerians including school children as well as ethnically cleansed several native communities in the North-central, North-west, North-east and Southern Nigeria without any manifest government successful counter action to deter these outlaws from their assault on most Nigerians.

NADECO added that the Nigerian State, in clear violation of oath of office, have failed to use available modern technology for counter insurgency to track down, arrest and kill the outlaws at the points where they are harvesting several billions which central and state governments and civil populace have been forced to pay as ransom – thereby exposing that the government is directly or indirectly complicit in their deadly violations of people’s rights and terrorist attacks.

“President Buhari’s led government had frustrated in Nigeria any legal avenue where the entrapped ethnic nationalities can seek redress for the many instances of humiliation, repression, hounding and subjugation of majority of Nigerians by the sectional dictates and wishes of his Fulani controlled security agencies and outlaws,” part of the statement read.

The group therefore, implored the United Nations, its Security Council and other Global bodies concerned with peaceful co-existence of the world to urgently fast-track their preparations to conduct variously demanded for referendum (in the constitution review) to ascertain the wishes and aspirations for those entrapped.

“NADECO hereby requests the UNO, its Security Council and other Global bodies to critically accept that their failure to act timeously on these legitimate demands for their intervention may tantamount to an invitation to possible national conflagration and unmanageable national crisis which may result into consequential deleterious situations on the West African Sub-Region, the African Continent and the World in general.

“Let it be remembered that Nigeria as the most populous black nation in the world has about 200 million citizens residing in a suffocating geographical and political space, the possible reaction of the entrapped ethnic nationalities who are already overwhelmed with repression, discriminations on religion, gender, ethnicities can quickly result to national upheavals, forced dispersal and migration with their attendant global consequences.”

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