US places travel ban on Nigeria

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The United States has announced that Nigeria is one of the countries blocked from getting certain visa to the US.

Other countries on the new ban list include Tanzania, Sudan, Eritrea, Myanmar and krygyzstan.

According to reports, the ban was as a result of Nigeria’s failure to meet US Security and information sharing standards.

Meanwhile Nigerians who wish to visit US will only be able to get tourist visa however visas that may lead to permanent residency will not be issued.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary, Chad Wolf said, “these countries for the most part want to be helpful but for a variety of different reasons simply failed to meet minimum requirements that we laid out.”

Earlier in the week while it was speculated that Nigeria would be added to the list, Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed had said the move would send wrong signals to investors.

“A travel ban is going to send wrong signal to investors, it is going to stifle the good of the country and vulnerable people who need medication and schools will be affected,” he said.

Impeachment: Trump knows fate next week

Republicans in the Senate voted “no” to the motion on whether to summon, former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, and other witnesses to testify in the   Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

With this development, Trump is set to be acquitted in the ongoing trial as no witnesses would be called and new evidence will not be admitted.

Democrats had leaned on four Republican Senators vote, however only two of the Senators voted in support of the summon.

Senator Lamar Alexander and Lisa Murkowski, eventually swing their votes to favour a no witness motion, faulted House of Representatives impeachment stating that it was partisan.

Trump was however impeached on two charges of pressuring Ukraine to damage Joe Biden for his own political benefits, and also on the allegation of deliberately obstructing congressional impeachment investigation.

The final vote on whether or not to acquit the President will be held later in the new week.

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