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Precious Oli, a Linguist graduate from Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka has now ventured into using digital and tech tools to make impact, influence and income. In this interview session with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, she shares what purpose means to her, her motivation, the challenges she has faced thus far and how she overcame them.

May our readers know you?

My name is Precious Ngozika Oli. Yes, I love my full name especially the native name. It reminds me how blessed I am. I am a Blogger, an author, foremost book consultant and a digital strategist. I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in; Book writing, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Crazy sales funnel setup and Passive income through digital assets.

What is your definition of purpose? From your definition, do you think you’re fulfilling purpose?

Thank you so much for this opportunity to be interviewed and share my perspective with the globe.

What is my purpose in life?”  This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves from the moment we gained maturity. Well, purpose for me is finding that path which captures the very reason for your existence. We’re all born with a specific reason of existence which provides meaning and fulfillment as you pursue them wholeheartedly.

What you studied in school vs what you currently do, is there any alignment?

A little. I’m a graduate of linguistics. Currently, I am a digital creator and blogger who helps content creators, bloggers and writers design and sell their knowledge online through digital tools like SEO.

Linguistics surely helped my writing skills shine through the creeks with the help of personal Investment and studies of course. As for being in total alignment, the answer is NO!

How can a novice move from Shadow to spotlight?

This is quite an interesting question as it connects red dots to the book I’m currently writing. I’d like to start with this particular statement “There is no secret to becoming a pro”. Funnily, I always end almost all my posts with “The spotlight is on you”. The phrase came as an inspiration behind building our brand ZIKORA.

To the question, you see, we’re all a product of our choices and positioning. A novice can become a PRO today if they change their mindset and choice patterns. Our uninhibited ability to dream as kids means we have a clearer picture of who we are and what we want to be. When we live life with true meaning the other aspects of our life fall into place; we have something big enough to live for.

If you want to move from Shadow to spotlight, start by evaluating what you value in life and what you desire to build – explore who you are.

Normally, you can establish what you value by looking to see where you spend your money, time and energy – or where you’d like to.

The spotlight is already on you, you just haven’t realised it yet. The moment you do, you’ll stop living below the set standards and aim for the moon.

What is your motivation for what you do?

My motivation lies in the impact I desire to make in the lives of people. There is a well of joy and tingles in my belly each time someone approaches me to say I changed their life or influenced them to do better. Yes, my motivation is the impact and change I make in people within my niche and field of focus

What are the challenges you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome them?

I’ve faced tons of challenge as a digital creator and strategist. Where do I even start from? (Smiles)

When I started my first blog in 2018, I was so sure I wanted to blog for the rest of my life. It was the toughest phase of my learning life trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. I slept on YouTube and woke up on Google searching for any relevant and educational content to show me the ropes.

In 2019, I decided that .com.ng extension wasn’t the best fit for me and I changed the blog to .com loosing everything I built in a year. Very painful something for a blogger. The journey began again, this time, much easier because I already learned and practiced.

In few months, my second blog was already ranking for several keywords and receiving sponsored post and backlink emails from brands and individuals.

Often, I hear people say things like “This thing is hard and I can’t do it”. I can’t help but pass an angry look at them. Nothing is easy for anyone especially if you intend to build a brand from what you’re doing.

In a few days, my third blog will take off like a speed boat too. I started my online journey as a simple hobby writer and now, I’m entering deeper into the SEO world. It’s nerve wrecking but I love it.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In five years time, I’ll be preaching the Gospel and saving more souls for God. Career wise, ZIKORA will become a known digital, book writing and publishing brand in Onitsha.

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The Spotlight is on YOU!

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