While Single, Pray For Your Future Spouse

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Have you started praying for your future spouse?

Yes, that man or woman you do not know yet.

Believe me when I say it is best to start praying for your future spouse before you can attach a name or face to the person. That way, your prayers will be void of sentiments and emotional bias for or against him or her.

Before you meet or know your future spouse, pray about every area of his or her life. These prayer investments you’ll make into this unknown person’s life, will save you unnecessary pains in the future when you both meet and eventually get married.

My friend, Hephzibah Frances Okoro, has a detailed and structured book on Prayers For Your Future Husband, including a journal you can use as you pray. If you’re a guy, you can adopt the book to pray for your future wife. The book is available on Amazon, Okadabooks and some other online platforms. Just search on Google and you’ll find it.

In the meantime, here are some specific areas to pray for your future spouse. (For easier readability, I used the male pronouns to represent both genders)

1. Pray for his spiritual life and personal relationship with God. We all (I believe) want to marry a God-fearing spouse. However, a God-fearing spouse is beyond someone who attends church or even holds an office in church (like HOD, Pastor, Minister, etc.). So you need to pray that your future spouse is someone who truly reveres God and is obedient to His principles.

When a man or woman fears God, there is a  guarantee on things he can do or not do. This is because he is yielded to the Lordship of the Holy Spirit who will convict and restrain him to do right by you, before and after marriage.

Pray that your future spouse is someone who is discerning of God’s voice, and obeys Him promptly.

2. Pray for his health – physical, emotional and mental. Ask God to heal and install divine health in every area of his life. Pray that God will heal him of any emotional wound that has made him to be bitter, sad, unforgiving, resentful, or even afraid to love again. Pray that God will transform him into a new person by changing the way he thinks. Pray that he is not conformed to the patterns of this world.

3. Pray for his career/business and finances. Pray that God will prosper the works of his hands and give him cutting-edge ideas that’ll continually put his career/business in a favourable light with financial abundance.

4. Pray for all his relationships: the one with his family members, and the ones with his friends, mentors and proteges. Pray that God continually surrounds him with faithful men. Men of honourable reputation and ideals with whom he can be sharpened as iron sharpens iron.

5. Pray for his character. That he’s a man of integrity, a man who is responsible, diligent, proactive, humble, patient, and that he is a man of peace.

Search the scriptures and find verses that apply to each of these areas and war with it. Also, if you’re baptized in the Holy Spirit, pray in tongues because that is when you’ll truly be praying the will of the Father over your future spouse.

Are there any other areas of your future spouse that I didn’t mention? Please share with us in the comments.

Love and Wisdom,


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