Evangelist calls out to Tope Alabi, says she won’t make heaven

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An evangelist, by name, Victor Edet rattled on social media as he called out a gospel singer, Tope Alabi to take off the weavon, attachment, earrings, make-up and artificial nails in order to make heaven.

According to him, she’s talented and gifted but she shouldn’t let her labour be futile.

“You are talented and gifted, but don’t allow your labour to be in vain. Take off the Weavon, Attachment, Earrings, Make-up and Artificial Nails. Anyone who wears these things won’t make Heaven,” he said.

However, many Nigerians aired their views concerning his statement about the popular gospel singer, Tope Alabi.

Reactions of Nigerians:

Apostle Paul Emeka “U haters of truth and enemies to f the cross, filled with adulterated gospel, repent or perish in hellfire, bless u my brother for speaking the truth”.

Honesty Oluyemi “Look at the comment of some Christians, you can see that cockroach Christians are more than the original, many Christians are not ready for heaven, don’t mind them do what God send you to do”

Miranda Carlton “Sometimes we spend too much time scanning people outwards appearance, all these add on nails and lashes and so forth am not interested, I’ve noticed you have a judgmental spirit, and post too much about what people wear, I would like to see some raw life-changing post up here from you , that can drive some of us bowing before God, for he look for true worshipers who will worship him in spirit and truth, he is not looking on our outward appearance, but our hearts., And if we humble ourselves in his presence it’s obvious that we personally will feel uncomfortable with the things God hate, God still speaks.”

Solomon Okereke “lol Victor Edethaibo…. only on Africa we think so negativity the people who brought you religion wear make-up and artificial nail…my brother only your heart will take you to heaven not what you wear”.


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