Yvonne reacts to social media users, says she has her life to live

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Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has reacted to social media users who spoke about her repetition of wearing the same slippers on different occasions.

According to Yvonne, the slippers belong to her and as such she can decide to wear it on whatever occasion she desires.

She expressed her displeasure via her Instagram handle at social media users as she stated that she is not pressured to dress flashy and impress anyone on social media.

She wrote “I’m not pressured to please anyone! I’m living my life steadily at my own pace. I don’t post your definition of flyyyy, that’s ok.”

Also she disclosed that she is down to earth so much that she can wear Hermes slippers for many times.

She said “I’m sorry down here on earth where I live; I can wear my hermes slippers a million times! I can even swim and bath with it!!! Its mine! I can even go to bed with it!! Its mine.”

Alongside this, she revealed that most celebrities live fake lives on social media.

According to her “Most of the flyyyy life you see celebs putting out there isn’t real….peeps got to keep up! Yea it’s kind of part of the job but it’s too much work for me, I’m being myself here.”

“After all where I sleep at night is the flyest! And it’s all mine not rented,” she bragged.

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