A woman who asked us to lay hands on her stomach gave birth to triplets – Peter Ezemenyiba


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There’s more to being a twin than just putting on same clothes to show off, looking alike and the rest. Peter Ezemenyiba shares his differences, favours gained and pleasure as twin brother to Paul Ezemenyiba with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo. Excerpts:

May I know you?

I am Peter Chukwuebuka Ezemenyiba (a.k.a.) Segesekuma Diakite. I am from Imo state Ideato North Local Government Area Uruallaakpulu. I am a professional footballer currently with Delta warriors football club, Warri, Delta State.

Do you love twins?

Yes I do. I so much love twins and being a twin, it also makes me special.

Can you marry a twin?

Yes, it has been my dream to marry my fellow twins because I love being close to twins especially my twin brother.

How do you feel about being a twin?

It’s normal. I feel special, I feel good. I have gained favour from people because am twin. Am always happy each time I see my twin because am also seeing myself as well – same face, almost same height, same voice; everything about us is same.  Every day I keep praying for our mother for giving birth to us.

Can you share your most pleasurable moments as a Twin?

Whenever we are together, we laugh together, go out together, we play football together, we chat, have fun; our mind is connected to each other. What he hates or like is also mine.  When he’s happy am also happy. When he’s sad am sad, that is it.

Have you gained any favour for being a twin?

Yes oooo, people give us money, clothes, free ride etc. The name ‘twin’ has made us celebrities both in Nigeria and abroad through our football career. Coaches and managers want to work with us. Sometimes, when we buy things from someone, the person may say we should not pay. There was a time a woman said, ‘handsome twins please put your hands on my stomach I want twins just like you’ and with faith she gave birth to triplets. A lot of things like that that I can’t mention all.

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Do you wish to have twins as your children?

Yes, I wish to give birth to twin, in fact by the grace of God I want all my children to be twins.

Let’s imagine one day you are told “You aren’t the elder twin” what would be your reaction?

I don’t have a problem with that because I and my twin cherish each other so much that nothing can come between us. We treat each other with equal right what he eats is what I eat nobody own is bigger than each other. Sometimes people do ask us who is the elder between us, I use to tell them nobody is older or junior here we both born the same day so no difference.

Do you keep secret from your twin?

We don’t keep secret from each. We grow up together, we know everything about each other. If you tell my brother something not to tell me he must tell me, that’s our rule as twin never to keep secret, remember everything about us is the same except brain, that’s what I always tell him.

What’s the striking difference between your twin and yourself?

The striking difference is that he is little taller than me by 5″ 8ft tall of my 5.7f”t. We both have same body structure; am using left hand and leg my twin is using right hand and leg part.

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Has the thought of losing your twin ever come to your mind?

Yes, but sometimes I pray when that thought comes that God’s favour and mercy should help us fulfill our mother’s dream.

What can you say about your twin?

He understands me and more so he is caring and supportive. He means the world to me. If he says no I can’t say yes and if I say yes he can’t say no because we share the same burden together and same likeness.

What’s the greatest sacrifice you’ve done for your twin?

We both are professional footballers. Whenever he travels, I fast and pray for him to succeed, when is sick I abandon everything am doing I look after him, take care of his need and eat with him. Playing with him makes him happy. Sometimes he doesn’t have boots and I have just one I will give him the only one I have because I know he is using it for something important.

Do things happen coincidentally to you both?

Yes, we say the same thing; the way I chat is the way he chats. Some of our friends say that am using two accounts to chat at the same time. Some girls will be like how can you both be saying the same thing to me hope you people are not playing game with us ooo. It will be like that’s twin for you.

What’s your take on putting on same clothes as twin?

I will say since childhood to this very moment we always putting on the same wears, even our under wears are the same. When my mum wants to buy clothes for us if there are not the same, she will not buy it; so wearing the same clothe is our lifestyle.

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Shout out to your twin…

Ezehbilions, my better half, better defender when it comes to football, I love you. I thank God for giving me such an understanding twin that has the same mind set with me and value like me, thanks for making it possible for us to be in the same track and profession.

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