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Having twins is a desire of most people. God’s Favour Okoduwa and God’s Faith Okoduwa are twin sisters. In an exclusive interview with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, the duo share their experience, relationship, childhood memories and unique differences. For this interview, God’s Favour is responding for the duo.


May our readers know you?

Our name is God’s Favour

Can you marry a twin?

Yes I can marry a twin if it’s the will of God

How do you feel being a twin?

I feel so special

Have you gained any favor for being a twin?

Yes I have gain a lot of favor, people like to be around us, we have received gifts and wishes from people.

 Do you wish to have twins as your children?

Yes, mostly identical twins just like my twin sister and I

Do you keep secret from you twin?

No, I don’t do that.

What’s striking difference between your twin and yourself?

You can hardly identify us because we are identical twins, but my twin has a  ‘V’ face while I have a wide face but it is not well pronounced, there is this dark spot on our nose, mine is downward while hers is upward.

Have you ever being separated before?

No, we haven’t.

What your craziest childhood memories?

…when we always argue over every little things.

Have you thought of losing you twin?

No, it has never come to my mind because we are always together.

What can you say about your twin?

She is a gift sent from God, she is loving, caring, and a help hand to me, she is my mirror, she is my better half.

Do things happen coincidentally to you both?


What’s your take on putting on clothes as twins?

We put on the same clothes if we don’t have the same clothes, we look for alternative maybe the same pattern of dress but different color or the same color but different pattern

Have you both ever had a fight?

Yes, that’s a life of twins for you…. That’s the fun

How do you reconcile your differences after a misunderstanding?

It’s what I can’t explain….after the misunderstanding, within few minutes we just continue talking as if we never had an argument …

What can you say about being a twin?

Life of a twin is what’s no man can really explain,… it’s a mystery. If you don’t have a twin as a sibling, among your relative, friend please do….. Trust me it really awesome, lovely and fun.

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