Alarming rate of Cholera cases recorded in Northern Nigeria

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A humanitarian group working in Northern Nigeria sad it has recorded a huge rise of cases of cholera there and that at least 50 people have died from the disease since the start of November.

The Borno state ministry of health has also reported over 300 cases of suspected cholera in eight local government areas.

The Norwegian Refugee Council says most of the cases were found in camps for displaced people in Borno state, where thousands seek refuge from Boko Haram attacks. The State Ministry of Health with support of humanitarian partners is coordinating the response to the outbreak. Cholera Treatment Centers (CTCs) have been rapidly set up across the region to tackle the rapidly spreading disease. Detecting and responding to suspected cases of cholera is vital to controlling outbreaks, which can spread rapidly in areas where access to safe water is limited and hygiene conditions are poor.

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