Algeria Army insists on president removal, declares him unfit

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Algeria’s chief of army staff, Ahmed Salah has insisted that
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika be declared unfit to rule after weeks of
protests against him.

The army chief urged an instantaneous adoption of the
country’s Article 102, which permits a president to vacate office if declared

In a speech on television he said “We must find a way out of
this crisis immediately, within the constitutional framework. 

“This solution achieves consensus and must be accepted by

This development is occurring days after the 82 year old
leader who attained power in 1999 dropped his reelection goal as he stated that
he would not put in for re-election for another term following a protest about
six weeks ago.

According to report, the protests emanated from Mr.
Bouteflika’s extension on medical vacation in Switzerland, which according to
citizens was costing the country too much in terms of state business.

However, Mr. Salah was the first to meet Mr. Bouteflika when
the ill leader returned home to announce he would not stand for election again
earlier this month.

The scheduled presidential election was however postponed by
Mr. Bouteflika to permit the resolution of some issues.

 Meanwhile Mr. Salah
stated that the military was with the people, and their demand for a new leader
would be taken into consideration.

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He has now urged the country to set in motion constitutional
provisions to relieve Mr. Bouteflika out of office without crisis.

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