Be persistent, learn to walk the uncrowded path to greatness, Udo counsels Nigerian youth

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Udo Nwankwo is a copywriter, sales strategist and a teacher. In her encounter with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, Udo bares it all on how to retain business old customers, attract new ones and likeable challenges in the industry. Excerpts:

May our readers know you?

My name is Udo Nwankwo. I am a Direct Response Copywriter. I am also a marketing and sales teacher. I teach Entrepreneurs how to increase their customers’ base.

Give us a brief history about your journey into Copywriting?

I studied Physics and Education, so I am a teacher by profession. Skill wise, I started with creative writing. I later got into copywriting and finally advanced to teaching entrepreneurs, sales and marketing. That has been my journey so far.

Owning from the fact you studied Physics Education, what informed your decision about copy writing, marketing and sales copy?

I took to Copywriting because I was in search of a skill to help me make money. However, it graduated to teaching Entrepreneurs because I love teaching. When I discovered that copywriting gave me knowledge that will benefit entrepreneurs, I decided to begin to teach them based on that knowledge. I have since built up on that basic knowledge through books, courses and webinars.

What does it mean to be a copywriter?

In simple term, a copywriter is a salesperson who sells with written words.

What does it takes one to be a good copywriter?

It takes deep understanding of copywriting, proper research, understanding the target audience for that participate product or service, and most importantly selling benefits not features. Everyone wants to know what they will gain from doing business with you.

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From your experience as a marketer, what would you say are the strategies to retain old customers and get new customers?

As a marketer, the strategies to get new customers can’t be roped into one sentence, but it must involve brand awareness, prospecting, calling/emailing advertisement, ask for referrals, follow up, etc.

To retain old customers, any marketer and salesperson must give good customer service, do follow up, establish relationship with your customers, etc.

 In your field as a copywriter, do you think Nigerian businesses and organization value copywriters?

Of course, they do! Nigeria is a very ripe market. The land is indeed green. The only challenge is that we are a very skeptical people. So you have a lot of convincing to do. But once your worth is proven, you can also have a nice cut of the national cake.

How has been your experience in the Copywriting space?

It has being both tedious and fulfilling. Sometimes, your presumed awesome copy may not convert highly. At other times, it works like magic.

How do you get your clients?

I do prospecting most times. I get referred too. Then, visibility on social media is very helpful. My most recent client came from Facebook.

What is prospecting?

Prospecting simply means meeting a person that falls into your target audience and asking them to buy what you are selling while stating what they will gain from it.

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Moving from being a newbie to an expert in your field what did it take you, seeing that many people have been there long before you came?

I decided to follow the steps of those who have been there and who are where I want to be. I buy their courses, attend their webinars and follow them about anywhere they go. I also implement what I learn and do it even if it doesn’t turn out perfect.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself in a global position where I don’t teach only small businesses but also consult for household names in the business world.

What are your achievements so far?

I have written for brands. I have also taught over one hundred entrepreneurs how to increase their customers’ base. I just say this is just the beginning!

This is only the beginning, I must say. Who are those who greatly inspire you?

Triciabiz, Paul Foh, John Obidi. Other groups are Headstart Africa, Leadership tribe, Online Publishers and Entrepreneurs Network.

What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

I faced the challenge of people not believing in me.

I overcame it by being consistent and sharpening my skills. I did some free jobs too. The results forced people to refer me.

Any advice for the Nigerian Youth?

I would like to advice my fellow youth to be persistent and learn to walk the uncrowded path to greatness.


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