Buhari Should Stop Blaming Outsiders For Killings In Nigeria – Abati‎

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Former presidential spokesperson, Reuben Abati , on Monday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stop blaming outsiders for the continued killing in various parts of Nigeria.

Mr. Abati who was spokesperson to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, said this while speaking about Buhari’s meeting with President Donald trump in Washington D.C on Channels television yesterday.

Calling on the president to stop blaming outsiders for the killings in the country, Mr. Abati said, “I saw the footage where president Buhari was discussing the herdsmen killings and all with Donald Trump.

” He again made this mistake of going back to Libya. I think somebody should tell president Buhari he should stop blaming outsiders. He’s been elected president to deal with the issues and he should deal with the issues. Gaddafi died about six years ago, so blaming Gaddafi for Nigeria’s problem misses the point”.

Abati, however, commended Buhari on the way he responded to the question on ‘ Shit hole’ comment of Trump, saying the president did well for avoiding to make a comment on the issue.

Pointing out that Buhari was very careful with the kind of comments he made at the meeting with Trump, Mr. Reuben said that it is an indication that the president is now sensitive to reactions of Nigerians to his past speeches.‎

Abati also noted that presidents don’t deal with details  and that some of the issues touched by the presidents were supposed  to be handled by the US- Nigeria Bi -national commission or the inter-ministerial meeting.

He added that the speech presented by Buhari sounded like the same speech ex-President Jonathan gave when he visited the United States.‎

Mr. Abati said that he hopes other crucial issues that have not been addressed by the presidents will be touched before the end of the visit.

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