Campaign launch; 11 Key things for 2nd term – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari  has kick-started his campaign for 2019 re-election as the campaigns for Presidential and National Assembly elections started on Sunday.

According to the Independent National Electoral Commission’s timetable, President Buhari of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC)’s presidential aspirant has opened the campaign floor on Sunday with the launching of a “campaign manual/next level document” with the theme: Next Level.

At the event, the president gave a speech stating what his administration has done and what he plans to do if re-elected in 2019.11 key points from the speech-five key things the administration is currently doing and six major things he plans to implement if re-elected.

The Achievements:

  1. Foundational work

According to President Buhari the last three and a half years of his administration has been dedicated to erecting foundations upon which the development of the country will be built. He said even though “the foundational work is not often visible, neither is it glamorous – but it is vital to achieving the kind of country we desire.”

  1. Security/Insurgency

The president further stated that his administration has delivered its promise on tackling insecurities in the country. He made it known that his administration has liberated 17 local government areas from the grip of Boko Haram insurgency and sustained peace in the Niger Delta.

  1. Economy

President Buhari said that despite the diminishing oil revenues, his administration has put in place policies that guarantee economic development. He cited examples in the agricultural sector, investment in capital projects (e.g. transport (rail), bailout funds given to state governments to pay workers’ salaries)

  1. Corruption

The president added that through the Treasury Single Account (TSA), his administration “has made it more difficult for ministries, departments and agencies to exercise the unrestrained liberties that helped foster a climate conducive to corruption.”

  1. Social Investment Programme

The President said his administration has also ensured that there is a fairer and more unbiased society by implementing “Africa’s biggest social investment programme”. He said his administration through the social programme is providing direct support to over 13 million Nigerians who need it by giving relief and assistance to unemployed youth, children, the weak and vulnerable as well as small and medium businesses.

The Next Level Plans

However, President Buhari admitted that, in spite of its administration’s achievement, more needs to be done. He, therefore, listed what his administration will focus on if re-elected for the second term.

  1. Job creation (Over 15 million jobs)/ Poverty eradication

President Buhari promised over 15 million jobs. He listed job creation across various sector as his number one focus if re-elected in 2019. He promised to enlarge the N-Power programme, invest in technology and creative sector jobs, agriculture and revolutionise access to credit for entrepreneurs and artisans. Buhari added that Nigerians who are still below the poverty line will be rescued through the administration’s expanded National Social Investment Programme.

  1. Economic diversification

President Buhari also promised to continue the plan to move Nigeria away from being an oil dependent country. He said he will create 6 Industrial Parks in each of the nation’s geopolitical zones and 109 Special Production and Processing Centres (SPPCs) across each senatorial district, our incremental move away from oil dependence is assured. The president also promised to develop Special Economic Zones to facilitate the administration’s Made in Nigeria for Export (MINE) plan.

  1. Agriculture/Food production

President Buhari promised a more developed agricultural sector. According to him, through mechanization policy for agriculture, he will make tractors and processors easily accessible and available for farmers across Nigeria. He also promised a wide scale training policy, prioritizing technology for the youths.

  1. Farmers/Herdsmen conflict

The president also promised to implement a policy his administration has drafted to bring an end to the perennial conflict between farmers and herders. He said his administration is “implementing a blend of measures that ensures that justice, order, modernization and new economic paradigms emerge.”

  1. Education

President Buhari further promised a refurbished educational sector. With the policy recently launched, Every Child Counts, the president promised to do “whatever it takes to prepare our teachers, curriculum and classrooms to attain the right educational goals that grow our country.”  In particular, he promised to remodel 10,000 schools every year and retrain teachers.

  1. Anti-corruption fight

President Buhari noted that for Nigeria to succeed, moral integrity and conscience must continue to form the dominant character of the country and its leadership. As such, he promised to continue the anti-corruption fight if re-elected in 2019.

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