Dynamite causes Akure explosion, 13 people injured

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An explosion in Ilu Abo, in Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo state has injured 13 persons with no record of death.

It was said that a company truck conveying dynamite explosives to quarry was involved, while security agency confirmed that it was not a security breach but an accident.

The source stated that “the truck was conveying dynamite for a quarry company to Auchi, in Edo State. “The dynamite was bought at Ibadan, Oyo State enroute Auchi, Edo State. “The vehicle broke down in Shasha market and later at the Aina Awawu Group of school where it eventually exploded. “The policemen who were following the truck at distance told them to leave the vehicle before it exploded.”

They have also confirmed that the vehicle carrying the devices is buried underneath the crater created by the explosion.

Fears are also rife that some of the dynamites buried may still be active and undetonated.

Scene of the explosion
Scene of the explosion

They have asked residents of the community to steer clear of the vicinity to avoid further disaster should there be any explosion.

Confirming the development, the Commissioner of Police in the state, Undie Adie emphasized that the blast was caused by explosives meant for a quarry company. He disclosed that nobody died during the blast which shook Akure, the state capital as he stressed that the 13 people who were injured are now in stable condition.

The explosion occurred on Saturday at about 1a.m., with the sound heard in the neighbouring towns along the stretch of the expressway, including the Akure Airport.

The explosion made so much impact as it destroyed the main road, creating a crater of about 15 feet deep and about 20 feet in diameter.

Some of the properties damaged by the explosion
Some of the properties damaged by the explosion

It also destroyed a number of buildings in the vicinity, some at a distance of about 100ft from the spot of occurrence.

While addressing journalists after inspecting the damage done by the dynamites, the state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, said he had been fully briefed by the heads of the security apparatus in the state.

He said the vehicle conveying the explosives was still buried deep under the crater, noting that there were concerns that some of the explosives might still be alive.

He said the police should be allowed to carry out the investigations and exhume the vehicle before further actions could be taken.

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