Entertainment: FCT needs structure upgrade – Tdot

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Popular Abuja Afropop artiste, Tunde Akinsanmi popularly known as (Tdot), has called for upgrade of entertainment infrastructure in the FCT to boost entertainment in the city and also support growth of local artistes.

Tdot, a former member of the defunct Styl-Plus, made the call in in Abuja recently. He pointed out that the dearth of structures to support entertainment is the reason Abuja entertainment scene is not as vibrant as Lagos.

“If you check it, the only things booming in Abuja are trade, real estate and politics.

“Lagos is the commercial hub of Nigeria that is why many of the blue chip companies are well established there. It is like comparing New York to Washington DC or Johannesburg to Pretoria.

“However, Abuja is no longer as dull as people outside believe.

“Every weekend we have entertainment events happening here, the only snag is that the artistes are “imported” from Lagos and other places to satisfy the demand for entertainment by Abuja residents,’’ he said.

Tdot said that Abuja was experiencing a growth process which would blossom at the right time.

“I think Abuja is already headed towards a good place compared to what it used to be.

“What will make it better will be having home grown artistes play active roles, and to put structures in place to cater for the Northern entertainment territory,” he advised.

He said that current music raves in the country were reaping immensely from sacrifices made by Nigerian music trail blazers.

Tdot added that prevailing social circumstances are also defining content of present day Nigerian music.

“Compared to when Styl-Plus was at its peak, a lot has changed in the music scene. Based on sacrifices by us and our contemporaries, there has been more acceptance of those who came after us.

“What is considered `popular music’ is a direct reflection of the number of the state of the people.

“You cannot be singing about love any more if you want to get attention. People love money now, and if there is no money in today’s love it is not love.

“Music has stopped being a tool for addressing salient issues in society. But I will not castigate those who create ‘disposable’ music because human beings engage with what they are comfortable with,” he said.

He said that Nigerian music had gotten more global attention because of the strong influence of social media.

“The world cannot deny us anymore,” he emphasised.

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