FCT chief judge gets life membership of body of benchers

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The Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory, Justice Ishaq Bello has assured Nigerians that he would work to return the glory and quality of the legal practice in the country.

Justice Bello also said that he would ensure that the practicing standard and professional conduct are upheld within the legal profession in the country.

The justice said this when he spoke to Journalists at a dinner organized to celebrate his appointment as a life member of the Body of Benchers in Abuja.

“The position as a Life Bencher means additional responsibility,” he added that, “it is an important position with heavy responsibility.”

He promised to ensure that persons called to bar are properly scrutinized and are of great learning and of good character.

The body of benchers is the highest regulatory body for lawyers. It is made up of the lawyers nominated to be members of the body and members of the judiciary with a renewable term of three years membership.

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