Genevieve calls out film distributors over her new release ‘Lion Heart’

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Actress and filmmaker, Genevieve Nnaji has accused film distributors of allegedly monopolizing the market.

Nnaji’s recent directorial debut ‘Lion Heart’ a Netflix production was delayed in cinemas across the country due to a reported ‘power tussle’ by cinema distributors.

A statement released by her representative, Ugoma Adegoke, in reaction to the issue called out the major players in the film distribution industry for frustrating the efforts of hardworking filmmakers.

Referring to these individuals as vultures and opportunists who preyed on the weak, she questions their support as distributors.

The statement further accused them of inflating box office figures, and showing bias towards films they invested in.

In the statement she further references the act as audacious, and reminds them of the outcome of a similar situation that took place in 2004 which led to the ban of some Nollywood bigwigs.

She also points out that in foreign markets; cinema chains do not produce their own movies to avoid situations of bias and unfair competition.

“Unfortunately, the cinemas have refused to show Lion heart. Despite all my efforts, they remain insistent. I don’t own a cinema chain of my own so my hands are tied. Lion heart will be waiting for you starting January 4th on Netflix. I hope you are as proud of it as I am. As for the ‘powers that be’, this is not over. On the contrary, it is just the beginning. You are going to respect what I stand for which is art. “You are going to respect where I came from which is Nollywood. You are going to learn to respect the talent. Period.” the statement read.

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