Group reveals 2019 presidential election power brokers

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Beneficiaries of the various social Investment Programmes of the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration have been described as the real power brokers that ensured the victory of the President in the 2019 Presidential elections.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo Media Research Team in a statement made available on Thursday said that beneficiaries of N-Power, Trader Moni, Market Moni, Farmer Moni, Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT), pensioners of Nigerian Airways, Railways and others “who the elites had kept miserable for years and also not forgetting farmers who now enjoy attention of the government especially with the availability of fertilizers and those who participated in the National Homegrown School Feeding Programme of this administration from the North down South of the divides” are the real power brokers.

The statement also described the victory as an indication that power has returned to the people.

“The 2019 presidential election pitched those who are perceived as “owners of Nigeria driven by ‘selective democracy’ ideology consistent with their acts since 1999 and the ordinary Nigerians who over the years have suffered hardship as a result of continuous misrule of this segment who had stopped to take us to ransom beginning this 2019,” the statement said.

According to the release, “these elites who boasted to install President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 pitched their tent this time against ordinary people of Nigeria. The sin of the Buhari’s administraton is that current government since 2015 focused mostly on Nigerians at the bottom of the ladder with effective social investment programmes. Some of them even refer to it as ‘Vote buying’.

While congratulating Nigerians for supporting the reelection of President Muhammadu Buhari, the statement described the election as a watershed in the annals of history of the country’s democracy.

“The 2019 Presidential election is a watershed in the anal of history of our democracy, rather than what many 5th columnists had hoped for. An election that pitched the Generals, elites, the Rich and Class Nigerians against sedentary locals and ordinary, but informal and few middle class and less educated people.

“The cabals of retired generals, political cults… who have ruled Nigerians with self interest are finally retired in 2019, and now that power has finally returned to the people and hope we can cease it once and for all.

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