I have a burning desire to transform the world with my pen, voice – Kawthar Akorede

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Kawthar Titilope Akorede is a certified content writer, personal development coach, and a public speaking enthusiast. She has a burning desire to teach young people how to discover themselves, build their courage and confidence. In this exclusive interview with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonwo, she shares how she didn’t let her background of religion affect all she does. Staying relevant isn’t easy, so she shares how she has managed to stay relevant. Excerpts:

Can we know you?

I’m Kawthar Titilope Akorede. A Muslim, hail from Kwara state, but I was born and brought up in Lagos. I am a certified content writer, personal development coach, and public speaking enthusiast. I help individuals discover themselves, build their courage and confidence, find their purposes, overcome their fears, and navigate through all aspects of their lives.

How did your background affect what you currently do?

I come from a very religious background that claims and believes that spending too much time on the phone and social media is not good. They believe the role of a girl-child is just to get married and take care of her family. They don’t give a chance for a girl to pursue her dreams and aspirations. This has affected me because as a content writer and a personal development coach, I need social media platforms to showcase and promote myself and to tell people what I do. And with this, my audience needs my attention all the time, which goes against my background’s beliefs. But, despite all the frustration I have been given, I keep up to this date because I have a burning desire to transform the world with my pen and voice. My burning desire to teach young people how to live a good and better life is what keeps me going. When the going gets tough and then the tough gets going.

I am a Muslim, and I believe religion shouldn’t hinder anyone from pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

I am an introvert. While growing up as a child, I suffered from depression and lacked help on how to live a better life and achieve my best self. So my desire to help young people like me who are also experiencing such is what makes me maintain relevance and never give up on what I do.

How do you keep up with trends in your industry?

I have been able to maintain relevance in my industry, because I go for what I know and what I have experience in. I delve into a niche I can share my personal stories with. A niche I have stories behind, and I try my best to become proficient at what I do

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on writing an e-book about how to handle life challenges and overcome depression as a young person. I have suffered depression as a young girl, and I don’t want people to go through that path, even if they do, my book, would help them navigate through that phase.

If you had the opportunity of speaking to young people, on how to stay relevant, what would you tell them?

My advice to young people who seek relevance is that they should focus on developing expertise in a specific field, staying updated with current trends, cultivating a strong network, and consistently creating valuable content. With this, you will be relevant.

To anyone having a hard time going after their passion what would you advise them to do?

My advice to everyone out there who is finding it hard to pursue their dream is that they shouldn’t give up on their dreams. Regardless of how hard the time may be, don’t give up. You are born to succeed, you are a voice, and you need to be heard. Even if your current situation isn’t allowing you to, do not give up. If you don’t start today, if you don’t start tomorrow, you can start the day after tomorrow. It is never too late to pursue it.

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