I rebuff any advice to keep secret from my twin sister – Taiye Ikulagba


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The life of twins is better experienced than imagined no matter how one paints it. Taiye Ikulagba shares her twin experiences, sacrifices, favours and a lot more with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo. Taiye is the twin sister of Kehinde Ikulagba. Excerpts:


May our readers know you?

I’m by name, Taiye Christiana Ikulagba. A student of Federal University Lokoja, studying Geography. I’m a blogger on Lovelife With TKGOLD and also a freelance and content writer.

Do you love twins?

I absolutely do. I find them adorable and unique.

Can you marry a twin?

It has never been my desire to marry a twin, not at all. But if the best man happens to be a twin, I wouldn’t be ignorant to shove him aside.

How do you feel about being a twin?

I feel like every normal human being. It only feels special that I have someone to call my twin and I also get tons of admiration and favour from people because I’m a twin. This is the point I get to feel super special.

Can you share your most pleasurable moments as a Twin?

Whenever we dream, reminisce together, go shopping together, rub minds together. When we chat about our crush and the likes – Basically when we’re happy together, it is absolutely pleasurable.

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve encountered as a twin?

That would be in my university, whenever they act like we would be the first twins they ever set their piercing eyes on.

Have you gained any favour for being a twin? Share with us.

We’ve received tons of favour as twins. Free ride, I’m talking about on weekly basis as though we got an official driver. Clearing of bills, we’ve been in the eatery and someone decided to clear our bills. We get clothes for free and the monetary favour is also attached to it – one of such experiences I really can’t forget was the day my twin and I were about boarding a car to go home and suddenly a man quickly handed us some really substantial amount of money just to appreciate us. Everything happened so fast, we almost didn’t have the chance to thank him. He did it like he was an angel. May God bless our benefactors.

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Do you wish to have twins as your children?

Yes, I absolutely do. Twins that would love and respect each other like my twin and I

Do you keep secret from your twin?

No! In fact, whenever someone tells me, ‘you mustn’t tell anyone including your twin,’ I quickly rebuff the person calmly.

What’s the striking difference between your twin and yourself?

This is hard because my twin and I are so similar to the point we clash. Lol! Our personality and appearance are very much similar. Basically, there isn’t any striking difference between us; we love the same thing and have the same taste. Oh, I just remembered something; she has a penchant for Fanta and I have for Coke. Lol!

What can you say about your twin?

She understands me to the core, our eyes can telegraph our emotions to one another. She’s caring and highly supportive. Her validation means the world to me. If my twin doesn’t agree with me about a subject of discussion, then something is wrong.

What’s your funniest experience as a twin?

The funniest and rather annoying one is when a guy can’t even identify whom he likes the most between the both of us. It’s embarrassing to us.

What’s the greatest sacrifice you’ve done for your twin?

Lol! Whenever she’s sick I shoulder the whole responsibility. Vice versa! That’s the greatest so far.

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Do things happen coincidentally to you both?

Absolutely! We laugh, say the same thing and make the same gesture coincidentally.

What’s your take on putting on same clothes as twin?

Lol! That’s our lifestyle even when we’re at home relaxing to the point of our under wears. Crazy us! Lol

Have you ever fought? If yes what was the reason? Who won the fight?

Lol! We’ve fought before to the point of dragging each other clothes, but I honestly can’t remember who the black sheep was at the time.

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