NCPC urges Christians to pray for Nigeria

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Christians on pilgrimage to Israel have been urged to pray against various difficulties facing the nation.

The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC), Rev Tor Uja, gave the charge during a courtesy visit by Christian Leaders Forum of Nigeria (CLFN) to the Commission on Thursday in Abuja.

Uja said that Christians must provide a positive direction by faith because God is taking Nigeria to a greater glory.

“We have no other country but Nigeria. So, we must put in our best in building and developing this great nation.

“We must pray and stand together until we get the change we are praying for. We must, as Christians, advocate for what is right.

“The time we are in doesn’t call for silence from the church; this is a time for the church to lend its voice in moving the country forward.

“Nigeria is going through difficulty now. Nigeria is surrounded by all kinds of challenges now, no doubt we are living in one of the most difficult times, but it will pass, Nigeria will surmount these challenges.

“Only the word of God has the power and effect to change and shape lives.

“We must remove denominational differences and be united by the word of God; it is time to prove your Christianity,” he said.

Uja also said that pilgrimage was one of the key ways to move the country forward.

According to him, when Nigerians go for pilgrimage they learn new things aside praying, they move round to see new developments that could be brought home.

“We also screen to know those who want to go for pilgrimage and those who want to abscond.

“Nigeria is a great nation and if you run to other countries, you will go there and become a slave.

“I am proud of what we have achieved already and what we will achieve in future, we are a more developed community than other developing countries,” he said.

Uja, however, noted that the Commission was building a pilgrims’ heritage house with about 1500 seating capacity.

He said the heritage house would be where all churches would be free to do their programmes and a hotel where Christians could relax for little amount of money.

Anglican Bishop, Nathan Inyom, who led the CLFN, stressed on the need for Nigeria to stand together in unity and fight all the challenges facing it.

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