Okorocha: We won’t allow Oshiomhole to eat his cake and still have it

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Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha, has challenged the All Progressives Congress national chairman and former governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole, to make his achievement as governor of Edo state for 8 years known.

Okorocha said: “We won’t allow Oshiomhole to eat his cake and still have it. And we start this way: Adams Oshiomhole was governor in Edo state for eight years.

“Rochas Okorocha has been governor in Imo for less than eight years. And we challenge Oshiomhole to publish his achievements in Edo state for the eight years he was governor and let Rochas publish his own achievements in Imo in less than eight years. And let Nigerians judge between the two who failed as governor.

“If Oshiomhole fails to accept this challenge, we won’t have any other option than to conclude that he is just a noise maker.

“Mr. Oshiomhole has been talking and working to fulfill his own part of whatever deal he has with Chief Hope Uzodinma. He is acting his own part and in doing that, he has thrown caution to the wind.

“The governor accused Oshiomhole of coming into Imo state to insult him during the campaign rally of APC governorship candidate, Hope Uzodinma.

“A national chairman of a party who came for the campaign of a governorship candidate of his party would have used the opportunity offered by that event to market the candidate. But in this case, Oshiomhole talked about Governor Okorocha and carefully skipped because he knows where the problem lies with the candidate.

“All the media reports on what Oshiomhole said at the rally were all about Okorocha. He consciously avoided telling Imo people why they should opt for Chief Uzodinma at the poll in 2019 or why he chose him as the guber candidate of the party in the state.

“The truth is that the APC national chairman has resorted to noise making to see if that could help him out of the whole mess but all to no avail. The blackmailing of Rochas in Abuja by few Imo born political hawks has nothing to do with the tick political followership Rochas enjoys in Imo.”   

According to Okorocha, APC national chairman needs to stop accusing his government until a comparison can be made between the two’s achievements as governors. He made this known through his spokesman, Sam Onwuemeodo.

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