Operation Sharan Daji: Military refutes claims of killing innocent people in Zamfara

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The Operation Sharan Daji, a section of the military operating in Zamfara State, has refuted the claim by some national dallies that it killed some innocent people during recent operations against armed bandits and kidnappers in the state.

In a press statement signed and made available to newsmen in Gusau, the state capital, by the Acting information officer of Operation Sharan Daji, Major Clement Abiade, the military stated that the report was a false information meant to tarnish the image and reputation of the military in the state.

“The air force wing of the sector did not kill any innocent citizen of the state but carried out its operations in various forests where the armed bandits and kidnappers used as their base,” he explained.

Abiade added that the Air Task Force of the Operation Sharan Daji for DIRAN MIKIYA attacked most of the locations within Rugu, Sububu and Kagara forests general areas which have been identified as the notable hideouts of armed bandits and notorious kidnappers ravaging the state.

He explained that the Air Task Force has targeted selection process for air operations which are rigorous and methodically in order to prevent strikes on wrong locations in the area.

“We are not mad people and never kill-and-go people but we follow intelligent reports before we strike,” he said.

Abiade further explained that the activities were being carried out to complement the activities of the Operation Harbin Kunama which he said was designed to tackle banditry in the state and other contiguous states in the northwest zone of the country, saying that the Operation Sharan Daji has been dominating the areas of operations with aggressive fighting patrols.

The Operation Sharan Daji spokesman noted that Operation Sharan Daji has recorded tremendous successes in all its operations which he said have led to the recovery of weapons, ammunition and rustled animals in various parts of the state.

He explained that the Air component carried out various operations and strikes around Kagara, Gando Fankama, Fete and Dumburum forests, saying that the forests provide sanctuaries and hideouts where kidnapped victims are often hidden.

“In the operations, we neutralized 23 suspected armed bandits’ informants, rustlers, kidnappers and logistics suppliers including one Mohammed Iso from the Niger Republic who was collaborating with the notorious armed bandits and kidnappers in the state.”

However, Major Abiade blamed traditional leaders in the state for spreading the information that innocent citizens of the state were being killed, stressing that if the traditional leaders have any problem to settle with anybody they should face their problems rather than involving the military as he warned that would not bring about a mutual relationship between the military and traditional leaders in the state.

“How would the monarchs say that the Air strike killed only the villagers which they said the airstrikes undertaken by the military do not hit the main camps of the armed bandits and kidnappers,” he lamented.

Major Abiade challenged the traditional leaders to tender any evidence indicating that the airstrikes were targeted at innocent citizens of the state when the Operation Sharan Daji intends to wipe out perpetrators of the unholy activities from the surface of the state.

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