Pope Francis recognises Joe Bide as winner of US election

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Pope Francis has given recognision to Democratic Party candidate in Nov 3 United States presidential election, Joe Biden as the winner.

According to the Biden Transition Team, as quoted by Metro UK, Pope and Biden spoke on the phone earlier on Thursday.

“President-elect Joe Biden spoke this morning with His Holiness Pope Francis.

“The president-elect thanked His Holiness for extending blessings and congratulations and noted his appreciation for His Holiness’s leadership in promoting peace, reconciliation, and the common bonds of humanity around the world.”

“The president-elect expressed his desire to work together on the basis of a shared belief in the dignity and equality of all humankind on issues such as caring for the marginalized and the poor, addressing the crisis of climate change, and welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees into our communities,” a spokesperson said.

Trump had had confrontation with the Pope in recent time, when the pope said He (Trump) was not a Christian, in reaction to the President’s campaign promises to deport more immigrants and force Mexico to pay for a wall along the border. But Trump in his response described Pope as a politician and cautioned him not to allow terrorists invade the Vatican by his way of romance with terrorist groups.

The US presidential election was a tight battle between the incumbent President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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Joe Biden was however projected as winner by the media after polling over 270 electoral college votes.

Biden has since assumed his role as the President-elect, preparing to take over the White House from the incumbent, President Trump who has refused to concede defeat, insisting that the election was marred by massive corruption and fraud.

Trump has challenged the outcome of the election in court and expressed hope of being declared winner of the election, saying results that would be announced next week would put him ahead of Biden.

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