Right Group prepares to resist any attempt to intimidate Buhari over Onneghen’s removal

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Group under the auspices of Rights Without Violence Movement has vowed to resist any attempt by whoever or organization targeted at intimidating President Muhammadu Buhari over the suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria, (CJN) Justice Walter Onnoghen over issues bordering on asset declaration.

Convener of the movement, Dr. Ahmad Jibrin Suleiman while addressing news men stressed that nobody has monopoly of violence and called on those who issued a seven days ultimatum to desist for the progress of the country or face resistance from them.

Ahmad said “We therefore call on all those who choose to intimidate the president with ‘seven days’ or whatever ‘ultimatum’, to desist in the name of God and for the progress of this country, otherwise they would find in us staunch resistance: word for word! Action for action!

“Nigeria is precariously now at the cross-road where all men of conscience must stand up to intervene! We cannot afford to sit on the fence at this point. Silence is dangerous.

“I have predicted sometimes back that the 2019 election would turn out to be the last battle of wits (between the common masses and the opportunist elitists) that have continued since independence to hold back the progress of this great nation for their selfish exploitation.

“The die is cast. In this final encounter, one must chose his stand, on the one stand you have in queue the Obasanjos of this world whose 8 years have turned him into a billionaire, an Atiku, an Obi, Sen. Saraki, etc, through all the list runs the names of billionaires who had held public office, what they did but too smart to be pinned down – wasted years and wasted generation!

“On the other side of the stand is a naïve General, a former Governor, Minister, Head of State, and now a President who has failed to make a billionaire of himself! In contrast, we have three years that have improved our electric power supply (NEPA), infrastructure and victory over terrorism. President Buhari may not be perfect nor has he solved all our problems perfectly!

“Yet, compared to the wastage we have experienced in the hands of terrible leaders before him, no right thinking Nigerian citizen should sit down and tolerate the name calling and blackmailing employed to retard our national progress undertaken by this God fearing simple man.

“We are not unaware of the machinations and comments by those who stand to lose more grips in his second term, those who are afraid of the payback time. We are also Nigerians with stakes in its progress and would never fold our hands to allow those who robbed our yesteryears rob our future and that of our children!

“The ‘Right without Violence Movement’ have therefore joined the ‘NextLevel Alliance’. We shall leave no stone unturned to join issues with all who have chosen to bring confusion in the polity! What else would you call the hypocritical criticism of the step taken by the president in the current CJN case and suspension? A very simple and straightforward affair.”

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