Rihanna launches her fashion Cloth line -FENTY

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Super star Rihanna has just opened a pop-up store for her luxury label Fenty and its being loved by fans as everything about the temporary store looks fascinating.

It is seen that she’s not restricting her designs to a particular body type but rather designing clothes for every shape and size.

She is making use of curvy, size-inclusive mannequins to showcase her designs.  She said “We always just try to push ourselves.

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“We pride ourselves in challenging ourselves to do better and push ourselves further, and how can we get our message across in a more impactful way?

“Whether it’s through fashion, lingerie, music, makeup, we try to get everybody involved and included in our brand.

She added that “we have our fit model, which is the standard size from factories; you just get your samples made in one size.

“But then, I want to see it on my body, I want to see it on a curvy girl with thighs and a little bit of booty and hips.

“And now I have boobs that I never had before … you know, I don’t even know how to sleep sometimes, it’s challenging, so imagine getting dressed.

“It’s all of these things I take into consideration because I want women to feel confident in my stuff.”

She was however applauded by fans for reflecting body diversity through her fashion label including her use of curvy mannequins.

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The business is certainly working fine for the Work singer, who is 31 years of age.

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