UK Street Pastors to help all through festive season

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Christian volunteer group, Street Pastors will be out patrolling towns and cities across the UK during the Christmas season to help ensure that people enjoy the festivities safely.

Street Pastors are volunteers who come from local churches and are trained to offer support and assistance on the UK’s town and city streets.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for frontline services as many people head out to party, bringing large crowds into town and city centres.

Volunteers Street Pastors work to keep the streets safe and lighten the load for frontline services by offering water, administering first aid, clearing glass bottles, providing a listening ear to people in distress and making sure people get home safely.

Chief Operating Officer Eustace Constance said the Street Pastors would be out over the Christmas season whatever the weather.

“Street Pastors do not provide fair weather support, our teams will be patrolling over the Christmas and New year celebrations, regardless of the weather condition,” he said.

“Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Our desire is that everyone gets to do that safely and feeling cared for, especially over this season.”

Over 19,000 people have been trained as Street Pastors since the initiative was launched by Les Isaac in 2003.

Street Pastors
Street Pastors

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