Wearing same clothes as twins is not childish – Munachi Ilonze


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An adage says ‘a family that prays together stays together. Munachi the twin sister of Lotachi shares their experience as twin sisters with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo. They emphasize on the area of their conflict resolution strategy and what putting on same clothes mean to them.

Munachi Vivian Ilonze speaks for the duo.


May our readers know you?

My Name is Munachi Vivian Ilonze

Can you marry a twin?

I can marry a twin if it is God’s will!

How do you feel about being a twin?

I feel good that I have a companion for Life, who covers me up when I am insecure of myself a times and I feel happy and privilege to be a twin.

Can you share your most pleasurable moment as a twin?

One of the pleasurable moment as a twin is praying together and studying the Bible together.

Have you gained any favor for being a twin?

I have on plenty of times gained Favor for being a twin.

Do you wish to have twins as your children?

My wish is God’s wish so if He wants me to have a twin I will give birth to twins.

Do you keep secret from your twins?

When I try to keep secrets I cannot do it, even when she will not understand me at all or thinks I’m crazy.

What’s the difference between your twin and yourself?

The difference between I and my twin is that I’m fatter and I think she is more up and doing than I am.

Have you ever being separated before? Share your experience

We’ve been separated during youth camp meeting in campus, I don’t really feel it because we have been together so is best we adjust to being alone atimes not every time being together.

Kindly share your craziest childhood memories?

My craziest childhood memories was when I tore her clothes using scissors, I can’t remember who caused it first, if it was me or my twin sister; all I can remember was I brought her cloth and cut it with scissor.

Have you ever thought of losing your twin sister? What did you do?

I think the thought of losing my twin has come to my mind, but I don’t like thinking about it. I overcome it such thought by believing in God’s Word.

What can you say about your twin?

My twin is the best sister ever I can’t ask for another, she has been there even when I feel all hope is lost and she encourages so much and she is just good and prayerful also.

What’s the greatest sacrifice you’ve done for your sister?

My greatest sacrifice is just loving her even when she gets me angry.

Do things happen coincidentally to you both?

Things happen coincidentally a time to us both.

There’s a belief amongst people that putting on same clothe is childish, what’s your take on that?

I don’t see wearing twin cloth as childish. Why I put it this way because some people think is children that wear twin cloth, older ones wear twin clothes too.

Have you both ever had to fight before?

We’ve had a fight when we are much younger, now we’re a little older we have misunderstanding which will want us to fight but we will not have that real fight like we did in our childhood age.

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How do you resolve your differences?

We apologize to each other after our misunderstanding, is either she goes first or I apologise first but our misunderstanding doesn’t last for long.

Shout out to your Twin sister

I will want to use this medium to shout out to my twin sister Lotachi, she has been a great support to me and my siblings also including my mum and dad.

I love you sis for Life, If I should be asked in my next world who I would choose as twin sister, I will choose you over and over again till eternity.

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