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Chijioke Otikpa is a life coach, creative storyteller and a health practitioner. In this interview session with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, he sheds light into what purpose is and the difference between purpose and passion. He furthermore, shares his challenges, how young people can remain relevant in this time. Excerpt;

Briefly tell us about yourself

I am a Certified Life Coach, accredited International Public Speaker, Dynamic Teacher/Instructor and Creative Storyteller… I help growth minded individuals discover their true selves, overcome limiting beliefs, destroy myths in the way of their learning, gain CLARITY with life, overcome their diverse fears and reposition their brands for optimal visibility, impact, influence and income. I’m also a health professional, a Physiotherapist, currently working at the National Hospital, Abuja, Nigeria.

What’s your definition of purpose? From your definition, do you think you’re fulfilling purpose?

In my opinion, Purpose simply means USEFULNESS. The reason for the existence of a thing. In this case, purpose is the reason for living and the true meaning of life. Life is purpose. Your purpose is your reason for living. Your reason for waking up everyday.

If you ask me I’ll say it is the umbrella which covers service to God and the betterment of humanity and yes, many things may fall in between. Purpose is deeper than most people can ever imagine. Purpose is selfless and externally directed, this is where it has a clear distinction from passion. Passion on it’s own is self satisfying but purpose is SACRIFICE.

What motivates you to do all you do?

Three major factors motivate me all the time.

  1. Passion: I do what I love and I love what I do. I love to teach, share my ideas, communicate effectively with people and help them solve their problems and get rid of any physical, financial or mental limitations. I ENJOY problem solving and I keep doing that.
  2. Purpose: There are problems that seem to connect with strange levels and issues I can’t just ignore. Each time I remember that millions of people are roaming the streets confused and beaten down by life, I have a renewed sense of obligation to help. There are systems too that need my input so I have to keep growing and building.
  3. Necessity: I deserve to live the “big boy” life, I want to retire early from the 9-5 thing very early and enjoy my career as a business owner rich and itinerant expert and consultant across diverse fields travelling round the world and sharing my knowledge.
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I would love to drive the best cars, live in the best apartment and shop anything anywhere without haggling prices.

I also desire to meet my damsel and marry early! I should have written this first. I would love to grow, play and have plenty fun with my kids too. See, I’ve got a lot of work to do, it’s so clear.

What are the challenges you’ve faced and how were you able to overcome them?

Many people around me didn’t believe in what I was doing when I started because it didn’t make sense to then. Some “friends” mocked the living daylight out of me, but that didn’t matter to me, I kept pressing for the vision that was crystal clear.

Secondly, not having all the resources to start. This was a big issue, I did not have all the needed tools, I didn’t even have the money to buy the gadgets I needed.

So here’s what I did to overcome, I kicked out all my excuses and I launched lean… Here’s what I mean, I trained my mind to start with what I had at hand and yes! I did. I learnt to improvise, I can remember using pegs to hold my phone to stream videos as well as turning my phone charger into a modified tripod stand.

How can one move from shadow to spotlight?

Make no excuses and press on. It begins with the mind. Work on your mindset and get ready for the success that follows. Gain CLARITY first before running off. Self realisation comes before actualization, so take time to understand YOU and your own unique path.

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Take your learning bulls by the horns. Read books if you can, take online courses if that works best for you, watch educational YouTube videos if you prefer that, but by all means, always be learning. Connect with people that matter and show yourself worthy too.  Be a person of integrity and don’t try to cheat people. Commit your ways to God and trust Him to lead you, even if your faith be as small as the mustard seed and never give up.

Chijioke Otikpa
Chijioke Otikpa

How can young people remain relevant in this time?

There’s only one way and that is to provide real solutions to real human problems. Find innovative ways to contribute anywhere you find yourself as a young person. Refuse to use your age as an excuse template, youthfulness is a big advantage. Give value to your world and watch men come running to honour you.

What skills would you advice young people to learn?

I’ll say learn as many skills as you can now that you’re young. However, gain clarity first. On a general note, learn soft skills (interpersonal/human skills) and hard skills (tech skills, arts and crafts).

Learn how to speak or present in front of an audience (public speaking), learn the basics of communication, learn how to relate with people. Many of our youths today lack proper soft skills orientation. Don’t be left out in this era when it comes to digital skills too. There are many skills out there to pick up

Start by knowing how to operate the computer well, make basic research on Google scholar, researchgate etc and deconstruct biases. On a personal note, as a matter of urgency, LEARN SALES! Learn how to sell. No matter what you do in this life, you need that skill.

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Kindly leave an advice for our readers

Get angry and grow get tired of your current level and seek to gyrate to the next level. Reject average with everything in you, “ordinary” does look good on you. Don’t do what average people do and don’t live like tiff. Don’t be chronically dependent on anyone and throw away entitlement mentality, it will ruin your life. Your salary may never be enough so think about setting up alternative streams of income for yourself. There’s more in you! You can be more, you can do more.

And always remember, normal is boring and Average is a Curse.

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