Archbishop calls on Federal Government to look into the killings of Soldiers

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The Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, has called on the Federal Government not to take for granted the causes of the killings of soldiers in the war against Boko Haram.

This call was made on Sunday in an International Church Service for the 2019 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration at the National Christian Centre, Abuja.

The Archbishop said “We remember especially those who have died in the on-going conflict in the North-East, whether they perished in combat or in ambush, or as a result of alleged inadequate arms or culpable poor military tactics.

“Complaints in this regard are rife, and they should not be silenced or swept under the carpet. Rather all such complaints ought to be properly investigated and everyone found responsible held accountable, no matter how high up in rank and position. The blood of every Nigerian is precious and must not be carelessly wasted.”

He further called for good payment for the Armed Forces so that they can carry out  their responsibilities better.

Onaiyekan added that the Armed Forces have been fully involved in the promotion of world peace with the notion that the country’s responsibilities for world peace should begin from “around us”.

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