Consistency is very important in life – Jael Jahdiirim Samuel

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Jael Jahdiirim Samuel, is a teen coach and a wholesome life advocate. In this exclusive interview with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, she shares how consistency has helped her remained relevant, how she has been able to keep up to date with trends in her field. Excerpts;

Briefly introduce yourself

My name is Jael Jahdiirim Samuel. 

I am from Obowo in Imo state. I am a graduate of history and international relations currently working with Johnsnow incoporated as an M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation officer)

Aside my work as an M&E, I am a teen coach and a wholesome life advocate, and I champion this course with my pen by writing on my social media outlets. 

I believe so much in shedding light to a path one has journeyed in life for those coming along.  That is why I write on social media networks and publish books for young ones now and the ones coming after me to read and learn from my failures and successes and be a better version of their unique beings.

How do you keep up to date in your field?

I follow the experts in my industry, I don’t just follow them, I observe what they do daily, and model their actions and pattern. I sign up for their training, attend their seminars and read from them at every opportunity I have.

Apart from this, I read too. My dad used to write in all of the books he bought for me ‘‘Read as though life depends on book, because life depends on books” I have grown to understand the importance of reading voraciously. This helps me tap from the knowledge of those who are ahead of me.

In your journey so far, what lessons have you learnt?

In my journey as a creative, I have learned that consistency is very important. It’s not about being consistent, but being consistent doing the right thing. Being consistent helps you to be in the minds and faces of your audience and it maintains momentum. It’s not easy, but it pays. I have equally learnt that originality and authenticity pay off. Developing and sticking to my unique voice and style sets me apart from other creative.

How have you been able to maintain relevance?

I’ve maintained relevance through a combination of continuous learning, adaptability, and a commitment to staying informed about industry trends and changes. I make it a point to regularly update my skills, seek out new knowledge, and network with professionals in my field. This helps me stay at the forefront of industry developments and ensures that I can contribute effectively to the evolving landscape.

What advice do you have for young people who seek to become relevant?

The advice I have for people seeking to become relevant in their chosen fields are:

1. You should continue building yourself and your brand: there is no two ways about it. Like I always say, value is attractive, if you must become relevant in your field, then you must be dangerously good to the point that people cannot ignore you. When you are good in what you do, you become a highly sort after in your field. The world is constantly evolving, evolving with the world and staying informed is one way to be relevant and to maintain relevance.

2. Network and build quality relationship: the importance of this can never be overemphasized. There are certain doors quality relationship can only open. There are clarity one would have only by being around quality people.  Attend industry events, join online communities, seek for mentorship and volunteer in productive events and activities. Make meaningful contributions and comments and engagements on social media. These and many more are sure ways to become relevant.

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