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Just yesterday, we filled the air with numerous greetings of “Happy New Year”. And now, in a couple of days, we’ll be saying welcome to the third month of the year, Phew! 2021 has no doubt gathered its full momentum.

Have you as a Single done the same? Have you gathered momentum? Are you still sleep-walking in 2021 or are you ready to March?

At the beginning of the year, you probably wrote down your goals and your prayer requests for the year. You also probably indicated the milestones you plan to achieve by the end of each quarter of the year. Guess what? Next month, March, is the last month in the first quarter of 2021. How far have you come in accomplishing your Q1 goals?

Last week I asked you, “why are you still Single?” This week I am asking you, “are you ready to March?” Are you ready to go beyond where you are currently? Are you ready to march down the aisle? Are you ready to do things differently so you can have a different and better result in your life? Are you ready to put in the discipline required to be a sought-after person of value in every area?

Plans, dreams, resolves and goals mean nothing if they are not backed up with matching action. Today is the last Saturday of February and some are yet to start implementing any of their plans for the year. If you fall into this category please, what are you waiting for? March will be here in two days time and I’ll like you to know some facts about March.

March as a word is an action word. It is synonymous with onward forward movement, irrespective of the pace. You can mark time in preparation but once you hear the command March, it means move forward, stop marking time!

March, as a month, is very strategic. It is the third month and three is a significant number. I won’t go into details of all that the number three represents but I will give an illustration I think all of us can relate with. In the Nigerian academic setting, when a child gets to Nursery 3, JSS 3 or SS3, (s)he is expected to be ready to move on to the next phase of academic learning. Nursery 3 precedes Primary education 1; in JSS 3 the student writes Junior WAEC to move over to senior secondary school; and in SS 3 (s)he writes Senior WAEC and other necessary exams before (s)he can move over to any higher institution. Three (3) for me is a number set to test all you have been preparing for. It is a time for you to showcase all you have been rehearsing behind the scenes.

Finally on this, you cannot March without having a predefined direction of where you want to go, so the first step to March, is to write your goals, plans if you haven’t done so yet. Habakkuk 2:2 says “And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it”

The months of January and February were for us to wake up into the new year, and start working on our goals for the year. However, the month of March is for brutal execution, (even if you haven’t started on any goals yet). The good news is you don’t have to have it all figured out before you can take the first step forward. A Chinese proverb (I think) says, “the best time to have planted a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is NOW.”

As a Single who desires to get married, start now to lay aside every weight that hinders you from preparing, praying and planning for your future home. Anger, envy, unforgiveness, malice, covetousness, pride, selfishness, discontent, laziness, procrastination, fear, are all weights. They will not allow you to March. So drop them already as we step into March.

Love and Wisdom,


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