Former emir Sanusi finally reacts to dethronement

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Former Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has finally reacted to his dethronement by the Kano state government.

The former CBN governor described his dethronement by the state government as an act of God.

In a four-minute video clip released earlier hours of Tuesday, Sanusi expressed satisfaction that he left the throne as a fulfilled and happy man.

“Everything that has a beginning has an end,” the former emir said. “The throne of an emir is not permanent, every king and leader should know this. If it were a permanent throne, I wouldn’t have been the emir of Kano.”

“Before I came, someone was the emir and before him someone else was there, therefore, it’s nothing that would shock anybody. Any person who succeeds me should be accepted by the people of Kano so he can end well.

“God does not make a mistake, whatever he gives is the best, and today don’t be disturbed, whatever thing that God started, it is the end we hope for and may God help this to end well.

“We thank the entire Muslims who have been supporting us year by year, the entire people of Kano and may God help them to continue to live in people. May God give us a good leader and give our land back to us.”

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