Hong Kong: Protesters clash with police at airport

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In the latest wave of political unrest that hit Hong Kong, pro-democracy demonstrators have descended on the international airport, blocking roads and filling a bus terminus.

This development comes less than 24 hours after protesters and police clashed in running battles on Saturday.

Protesters streamed towards the airport, blocking off a road leading to the departure hall. Outside the airport exits, protesters dismantled fences and constructed barricades. Others faced down rows of police stationed at a bus terminus on the ground floor of the airport, chanting: “Liberate Hong Kong, revolution now!”

Dozens of police patrolled the airport, blocking some exits.

After dozens of riot police arrived, a group of protesters piled on to a bus and left, retreating to occupy a highway leading to the airport. Some carried metal poles and fire extinguishers.

Inside the airport, groups of confused travellers knocked on the doors of blocked entryways, arguing with security and waving their plane tickets. Travellers abandoned taxis and dragged their luggage towards the terminal after protesters blocked roads.

Authorities shut a train service linking the city to the airport and several buses stopped running. Road blocks were also set up and cars approaching the airport searched.

Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators
Hong Kong pro-democracy demonstrators

The demonstrations followed running battles with police throughout Saturday night and early Sunday morning, marking the 13th consecutive weekend of mass protests.

Police later stormed several metro stations, chasing and beating people believed to be protesters. In one incident, officers stormed a train carriage at Prince Edward station in Kowloon, using batons to beat people and deploying pepper spray.

Hong Kong is facing its worst political crisis in decades, triggered by a proposed bill to allow extradition to mainland China. The protests, which started in June, have morphed into a broader political movement demanding democracy for the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

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