I see leadership as an avenue to unleash potentials – Evbayiro

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Samuel is an Education consultant who has unique definition for Leadership.  He spoke with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo , on his challenges, skills youths should get involved in and what five years time should be like. Excerpts:

May our readers know you?

I am Samuel Evbayiro, a Leadership development, Human Resources management and Quality Education consultant. I am very passionate about the development space and intertwining it with sustainable impact across the globe.

Tell us briefly about your background?

I grew up angry with the false leadership that littered the global political and corporate world.

While growing up, the only tool I had was INTEGRITY with zero or no competence to provide necessary solutions to the problem I detest. I did find a way spice up the only tool I had when I consistently and intentionally took up leadership positions in college while getting advance training. I still do so till date and the results have been mind blowing and the effects everlasting. I breathe and live management and leadership development

What does leadership mean to you?

I see leadership as an avenue to unleash potentials. I can’t quantify how many initiatives I’d started and left in the hands of competent people to drive.

My friends call me chief administrator, because I always find a way to bring people together for social impact and global good. Only an unleashed potential can contribute to a goal. You want to lead, then Unleash potentials and you automatically become a go to Leader.

At what point did you discover your potential in leadership?

Well, I can equally say that I was largely disturbed about my discovery and I felt like something was wrong with me. While growing up, my friends (who happen to be bigger than I am in size) always leave important issues to me and often times agree to my proposal. Initially I felt like I was intimidating them, but these are people who are bigger than me in size and in resources. I had to find out why? And it occurred to me that I had a raw potential that needs to be refined. It has been bliss ever since that timely discovery.

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How do you manage to be a leader, human resource manager, Quality education consultant?

This is a very tough question. I started out unofficially as a human resources manager without an office space. So I’ve been leading even before I knew the true meaning of the word “Leader”.

By the way, I have come to realize that energy spent convincing older generations can be effectively channeled to younger generations who crave guidance due to not-so-good parenting.

That prompted me to start a session long of leadership development not for profit project, AHON-ODE for high school leaders, where they learn state-of-the-art business skills as they develop as responsible leaders while creating sustainable impact in their community of orientation.

To fulfil the above, I needed to have a full understanding of the education space and I can equally say that my commitment to that space had broaden my mind with regards to how to effectively communicate my vision and passion with the generation after me.

I’d done this unofficially for over a year now and we’re launching officially before November ends. Hopefully you’ll tell our story.

Which skills would you advice our youths to learn?

My advice is simple; learn the skills of your passion. Leave trends alone. If it doesn’t excite you, don’t do it. People keep saying, diversify! diversify!! Tree’s only have branches after growing as a stem. Just like Aliko Dangote, you have to sell your cement first before selling crude oil. FOCUS! Follow One Course Until Successful before you test your branch prowess and by then you would have successfully made your passion your skill and your skill your passion. This is the storyline of eventual champions.

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Samuel Evbayiro
Samuel Evbayiro

What were the challenges you’ve faced so far?

Man was born to face adversity and my biggest challenge has been the constant barrages of distractions on my face. Distractions that can make one lose focus and purse immediate gratification instead of long lasting possibilities. Every of these challenges come to test my belief and resolve and at the end of the day, it leaves me stronger than I was before it came.

How did you overcome them?

I overcome these challenges by looking up to a role model before me. In different case scenario, I look for inspirations from men (not mere mortals) who threaded my course before now because there’s apparently nothing new under the sun. If it becomes tougher, I read about the struggles of Jesus Christ and gain strength from them. But the most important thing is my having “the end in mind”. I know where I am going, I know how to get there and I’ve realized that not all doors (opportunities) are open doors, some doors lead to the toilet, if you know what I mean. All these have kept me steadfast in this my very far journey of life and long may it continue.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Professionally, I should be leading the largest education based nonprofit in the world with alums scattered round the globe who will keep the ball rolling and unleashing potentials at home and in the work place. Personally, I should be married to my beautiful wife with two amazing sons as we establish a kingdom family that models the foundational unit for global growth and sustainability.

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I might be in the National Assembly, God willingly, representing the interest of those I am elected to serve while influencing my colleagues to practice true leadership while using politics as an effective tool.

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