Igbos are not hated by Lagos state – Jimi Agbaje

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Lagos State PDP governorship candidate, Jimi Agbaje, on Wednesday made a remarked over the statement made by the Oba of Lagos Rilwan Akinolu in 2015.

According to the monarch  “Jimi is my blood relation, and I told him he can never be Governor in Lagos now and if you [the crowd] do what I want then Lagos will continue to be prosperous for you, if you go against this you will be banished to the water! Finished.”

As at 2015, the monarch had stated then that who so ever went against the ruling party would be banished into the waters.

However, the governorship aspirant, Jimi had taken a step to clarify the people most especially visitors in Lagos that the state does not hate them rather they are being hated by the ruling All Progressive Congress,APC.

On his twitter handle this morning, he said:

On Lagos and the Igbos: the narrative that Lagos dislikes the Igbos is extremely false. Oh yes, Lagos does not dislike the Igbos, your political establishment does. The royal utterance of 2015 is still fresh on the mind of the entire electorate’.

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