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One of the stories that fascinate and challenge me the most is the story of an amazing Single called Tabitha (also known as Dorcas). This adorable lady who was probably a widow – a secondary Single or even never married, as the Bible makes no mention of a husband or children, lived a life of giving. The Amplified Version says she was abounding in good deeds and acts of charity. (You can read the full story about Tabitha in Acts 9:36-42).

So impactful was her life that when she died, the people her life had impacted cleansed her but refused to bury her. Instead, they sent messengers to beg Apostle Peter to come with them immediately.

The testimony the messengers gave about Tabitha was enough to compel Peter to follow them without delay. When he arrived at the house where Tabitha was lying in state, he received even more testimonies about Tabitha from the widows whose lives Tabitha had blessed. All the testimonies loudly screamed: “Tabitha cannot die yet!”

If Peter had any doubts while coming, I’m sure the testimonies of the widows were enough to erase every doubt. So quickly, he set to work. He prayed and raised the amazing Tabitha back to life.

What intrigues me most about this story is, there was no mention of her immediate family members running around to see that she is brought back to life. Still, the lives she blessed while she was alive were enough to keep her from the grave when death stole her breath away. Think about that, dear Single.

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If your presence does not make an impact, your absence will certainly not make any difference. So ask yourself, if I am gone (not necessarily dead) from my neighbourhood, place of work, school or place of worship, what will the people there say about me? How am I currently impacting the lives of those around me?

A number of Singles erroneously believe that living a purposeful life should start after marriage. If you’re still in that category, let this post be your wake up call. As a matter of fact, it is while walking and working in purpose that you can attract the right partner to share the rest of your life with in marriage. If Tabitha, a supposed widow or single, went out of her way to impact the lives of the widows and needy around her, what’s your excuse?

Just before you assume that you can only impact the lives of others by giving them money or physical gifts, please note that Tabitha was known for doing good deeds and sewing tunics and other garments for the widows. This speaks of her using her skill and time to bless lives. I’m sure you have both – some skills and time, that you can use to positively impact the lives of those around you. By doing so, you’d be living a meaningful life and also raising strong voices to speak for you in places where your voice cannot be heard.

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Till I come your way again next weekend to share with you some very exciting news, please make the best of every moment and positively impact the lives of those around you. No excuse is good enough to excuse an excuse.



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