Seventy Nigerian scientists, journalists set for TReND’s science communication and journalism workshop

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About 70 scientists and journalists from across six geopolitical zones of Nigeria have been selected to attend the Teaching and Research in Neuroscience for Development (TReND) in Africa`s science communication and journalism workshop scheduled for 14 – 16 October, 2019 in Abuja, Nigeria.

Science Communication Hub Nigeria is hosting the workshop under the German-based Teaching and Research in Neuroscience for Development (TReND) in Africa, a not-for-profit organization run by a group of research scientists at universities worldwide.

TReND is also dedicated to fostering scientific excellence through teaching and public engagements in sub-Saharan Africa.

The two-day intensive training is part of a Welcome Trust funded project themed: “African Science Literacy Network.”

The organisers seek to train scientists and journalists on the different methods of effectively engaging the public about scientific research towards bolstering science communication and reporting in Africa.

TReND in Africa received over 300 applications from across 36 states in Nigeria and only 70 participants (36 scientists and 34 journalists) were selected. Selection criteria includes: application quality, geographical diversity, multimedia outlet representation, and gender balance.

All participants are expected to fully engage and participate in learning activities during the period of the workshop, share their experiences of covering science with other participants at the workshop, as well as network and collaborate to produce nuance science stories that will raise awareness of the importance of scientific research in Nigeria.

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