Sex Sport: Sweden Set to Host Tournament, Don’t bring to Africa, Shehu Sani warns

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Sweden has allegedly to have officially recognized sex as a sport and is set to host its inaugural sex tournament on Thursday June 8, 2023.

Participants in the tournament will engage in daily sexual encounters that can last up to six hours. A panel of judges will determine the winners, with audience input also taken into consideration.

Reacting via his Twitter handle on Tuesday, Senator Sani warned that the “newly invented Swedish Sport” shouldn’t be brought to Africa.

The European Sex Championship is scheduled to commence on June 8 and will span six weeks. Participants will partake in sexual activity for durations ranging from 45 minutes to one hour, depending on the length of their bouts.

The competition comprises three levels, and participants must accumulate a minimum number of points at each level to progress. Points, ranging from 5 to 10, can be earned in each discipline through a combination of public votes and evaluations from a panel of five judges.

The report indicates that the audience will observe the sex competitions, noting various aspects of the sexual activity. Factors such as chemistry between couples, their understanding of sex, and their endurance levels will be considered in determining the ultimate winners.

Dragan Bratych, the head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, expressed his hope for sex to be recognized as a sport, highlighting the educational value and the potential physical and mental health benefits of engaging in sexual activity. He emphasized that, like any sport, achieving desired results in sex requires training, and competition in this realm will inevitably emerge.

Bratych underscored the distinctive nature of this sport, where the objective is to bring extreme happiness to one’s partner. The ability to satisfy one’s partner determines success in this game, in contrast to traditional sports where losing often leads to disappointment.

Meanwhile, Senator Shehu Sani has said that the continent was satisfied with sports approved by the International Olympics Committee.

The former Kaduna Central Senator wrote, “Don’t bring the newly invented Swedish Sport to Africa.

“We are okay with the ones approved by the International Olympics Committee.”

However, news gathered through the utilization of the Google search engine shows that there is a twist in the tale as not a few newspapers published across the globe had earlier in April 2023 reported that while such a competition was proposed, the idea was turned down.

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