Social media is new oil well, says Esther Charles

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Esther Charles exposes how people are cashing out massively online.  She bares her mind with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, on multiple ways of breaking through as she enjoins Nigerian youth to stop wasting time on social media but to take opportunity to make money by picking interest in self development courses, and earn massively. Excerpts:

May our readers know you?

I am Esther Charles. Esther is a multi award winning writer, a clarity/writers coach, spoken word artist, an editor, public speaker, Honey merchant, Singer/song composer and an Academic Entrepreneur. I am the founder and president of the fast growing writers school (Think to Ink Writers Academy, TIWA). It is an institute with the philosophical coinage to “compel millions not only to value and tap into their creative instincts, but also lend credence by committing same to writings. My areas of specialization are; Life coaching, Creative writing, Public speaking, Self development and Rebranding, Self discovery and clarity, Book consultation/editing, content creating.

What does purpose mean to you?

I would say Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Purpose is intentions, an individual sense of resolve or determination.

Can you boldly say you’ve discovered purpose?

Sure, I have. I’m already fulfilling them.

What’s your purpose?

There are many purposes God keyed me into, but in a nutshell, I have the purpose to inspire and impact humanity, individuals. My journey of finding purpose led to myself discovery.

 Are there things you know now that if you knew three years back you probably would have gone farther than this?

Yes, I feel if I had discovered myself at childhood, I would have gone farer because I discovered purpose and self as a teen.

What do you do at Think To Ink Writers Academy?

Ok, TIWA IS A BRAND where exceptional writers and awed readers are levitated. An institute with the philosophical coinage to “compel millions not only to value and tap into their creative instincts, but also lend credence by committing same to writings.” The objective is to raise millions exceptional writers and awed readers globally, build strong walls of imaginations,  open broad the doors of creativity by crafting out contents filled with divine inspirations. As a brand, we have coached and treated  writing/content creating diseases, misconceptions and physiological problems by pressing and moving out ‘low self esteem, fears, doubts, limitations and insecurities out from the bones and marrows of TIWA client’s spines and joints.’

TIWA is a Chimney with which other aspiring and already writers can climb up to become maestros and literary icon.

What are your achievements so far at TIWA?

So far, we have trained professionals and highly placed individuals across the country, Nigeria and other countries; Egypt Northeastern Africa, India and Ireland Northwestern Europe. Recording a good number of professionals at the creative writing course training; Lawyer, Nurses, Engineers, Writers, Police, Students, Business Tycoons, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Public speakers.

Our writings includes Inspirational essays, Movie Scripts, Reviews, Poems, Fictions, non Fictions and articles which have been featured in Humans Mama Africa (HOMA), SBNS, VTM and more. A literary artist who specializes in all the genres of literature. Each of our writings ‘The bait, Adriel, Cobra and more’ is a masterpiece that exhibits great literary talent. Our interest in writing is to change the contemporary society, Africa and the world for BEST not better, we have no better in our libretto.

Esther Charles
Esther Charles

What set of skills should every young person have?

There are a whole lot of skills in this ultramodern society.

The young once must understand that the world has drastically taken an online business shape.

So, every young at heart should learn any online skills, as much skills as one can acquire.

Skills includes, Copywriting, Digital marketing, E-commerce, social media management, Public speaking, Writing, Coaching,Networking.

What’s your personal mantra?

Less talk, more inspirations. Nature inspires. Writing is divine.

Where do you see yourself the next five years?

I see myself in billions. I love money. I see myself having a registered and licensed writing school and functioning online and physically, (like having a building for the school.). I see my YouTube channel highly assessed. Awards? Sure, win myself numerous awards.

Who is your strongest support system?

GOD, that Sweet Lord of mine who has been my biggest fan for donkey years now. My source of strength has been God and God and God. A Lot of times I’m asked “Esther, what is your source of strength, what drives you?” People including close folks around me fear my dreams. I keep saying “It’s been God; HE IS THE MOTIVATOR, I AM THE MOTIVATION.”ASIDE GOD, I AM MY BIGGEST FAN, THEN YOU MY READERS/AUDIENCE. I HAVE THE BEST AUDIENCE AND FANS ANYONE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE. DON’T ARGUE WITH ME, I KNOW WHY I SAID THAT.

Who are your role models?

My role models are mostly foreign influencers. Williams Shakespeare when it comes to writing. Katherine Kulman for spiritual aspect, DanLock -financially and Chimamanda Adichie.

Leave an advice for the Nigerian Youth

Stop wasting time on social media. Make money instead. Use the opportunity to buy courses, self development and earn massively. People are cashing out massively online, I am a testifier. Keep believing, keep going. Don’t get discouraged, just be consistent.

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