The desire to look unique lures me into fashion – Chukwumezie

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Miss Comfort Chukwumezie is the Creative Director of House of Al-Comfort Fashion House. In an interview with our correspondent, Mercy Ezeokonkwo, she shares her journey into the fashion industry, what fashion has helped her achieved and a host of other things. Excerpts:

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

I’m Miss Comfort Chukwuemezie, a fashion designer/trainer. I hail from Inyi in oji River LGA Enugu state. I am the First Child in a family of six! I’m passionate about helping youths especially ladies (in every capacity I can) to find their path in life through my fashion Academy! I am the creative director of House of Al-Comfort House of Fashion.

How was growing up for you?

From when I became aware of who I am, growing up was a journey of creating imaginations and trying them out which has been the best part of my life. I’m adventurous! I’m not afraid of failing!

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is a means of expressing who I am, what I believe in, who I desire to become!

To me, it means a platform for positive transformation.

How did you venture into the world of fashion?

The desire to look unique lured me into it. But when I saw the huge impact/ influence I can make, I committed to building a platform in the industry.

In building House of Al-Comfort, what did it cost you?

It has cost pleasures, at some point I didn’t have a personal life!

Most importantly it costs me finance as I reinvest almost all my income.

What were the challenges you faced while building your fashion brand?

Access to finance. High cost of training and equipment.

How did you overcome them?

I reinvest almost all my income if not all.

How do you see the Nigerian Fashion Industry?

Like I said earlier, it’s a platform. The Nigeria fashion industry is where you find the most passionate beings expressing themselves and building a career too.

How long have your fashion brand been running?

7 years

You’ve talked about impact earlier, what does impact mean to you?

Impact to me means Patient training, waiting, watching for an individual to go through a process and come out well. It means praying God’s will in a person’s life to manifest. It’s transformation.

What were the things you know now, if given an opportunity to go back you would correct?

One of it was; thinking that a time will come when I will be fully ready for a project and embark on it. Not taking the risk as it comes.Secondly was limiting myself to my immediate environment.

Your fashion brand has been running for seven years, what have you achieved so far?

What are your achievements so far?

I have moved from one machine tailor under a staircase to fashion academy of over 15 machines excluding the ones we give out every year with no loan no grants!

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see running a subsidized business school, Vocational Institute and a clothing line.

Who are those you look up to?

Ohk! I am a believer, ardent Christian! I look up to my spiritual parents and my business mentors, who have held my hand in the journey of ministry and business.

How do you think you can change your immediate environment?

By educating the young minds around me to educate the ones around them and so on! It is the mission of my NGO to reach out and empower the youths with open/positive mindset.

What do you have to tell the Nigerian Youths?

Take full responsibility for your life, future and destiny!

It’s nobody’s fault that you’re a Nigerian! *BE THE GIANT OF WHEREVER YOU’RE COMING FROM*

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