GenCos gives reasons for failure to generate 2,352.5 megawatts

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Unavailability of distribution infrastructure was the reason Electricity Generation Companies (GenCos) could not generate 2,352.5 megawatts of electricity last Wednesday.

The Electricity Generation Companies (GenCos) which comprises of gas-fired and hydro stations gave this reason in a daily energy report by the Advisory Power Team of the Office of the Vice President on Thursday.

The report also noted that 1.55 megawatts of electricity was not generated due to unavailability of transmission infrastructure during the period.

Similarly, it said that 1,551 megawatts was not generated due to unavailability of gas.

The report, however, said that the GenCos released an average of 3,500 MegaWatts-Hour of electricity into the national grid.

It said that the electricity sent out by the GenCos was up by 98.87 megawatts from the 3,401 released on Tuesday.

The report said zero megawatts was recorded as losses due to water management procedures.

The report revealed that the power sector lost an estimated over N1.94 billion due to insufficient gas supply, distribution and transmission infrastructure.

On sector reform/activities, it said that the dominant constraint for Wednesday was high frequency resulting from unavailability of distribution infrastructure.

The report said that the peak generation attained on Monday was 4, 140 megawatts.

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